Project 3: Using Internet Resources to Enhance the Hospitality/Tourism 3120 Course

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  General Information/Project Overview

Tourism/Hospitality 3120 is a locally-developed course, designed specifically to increase students' knowledge of and appreciation for the total Tourism Industry. This is not the type of course that is taught from a textbook. As much as possible, student s are placed in contact with people within the industry, as well as technologies that may impact on the industry of the future. As it is important to equip students with as many learning tools as possible, it is a logical step to incorporate the use of computer technology - specifically access to the World Wide Web.

  Curriculum Connections

The students enrolled in the Hospitality/Tourism 3120 course starting in January, 1997 will be expected to fulfill requirements of the course outline as well as use the World Wide Web to:

     access information about Tourism on local, provincial, federal, and global levels, and
     be able to create Home Pages for local businesses within the Tourism field.

It is hoped that, by incorporating this technology into the curriculum, students will increase their knowledge of the local tourism businesses, as well as increase their language, communication, and organizational skills.

  Resource Connections

The STELLAR Schools Internet connection is essential for this to become a reality. Students need access to computers and to the Internet. They will develop skills in the use of such resources as using the digital camera and the scanner, using word proce ssing and writing to the World Wide Web.


Upon completion of the project, students will have completed the following:

  1. Students will have achieved the Intended Learning Outcomes as outline in the Hospitality/Tourism 3120 Course Outline.
  2. Students will have explored the Hospitality/Tourism Industry through the Internet.
  3. Students will have produced a Home Page for a local business.
  4. In closely working with the business, students will increase their knowledge of what planning goes into the making of a successful business. This will also expand their communication, language, and computer skills, especially in the use of the World Wide Web.

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