Project 3: Community History

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  General Information

Lead Teacher:Barry Pack - Computer Studies Teacher

Marvin Ryder - Social Studies Teacher

Tom Walsh - Vice-Principle

Lorrie Smith - Grade Six Teacher

School:Catalina Elementary
Catalina, NF
A0C 1J0
Grade Level:Students from Six, Seven, and Eight
Number of Students:9
Project Start and Finish Dates:March'97 - April'97

  Project Overview

There are several students in our grade six, seven, and eight classes that should be receiving some enrichment activities. Teachers attempt to involve them in such activities as much as possible. This project would involve a group of these students. The students in groups of three will be asked to compose a brief history of each of the three towns served by our school; i.e. Catalina, Little Catalina, and Port Union. These would be uploaded into our homepage and this made available to anyone (including students in our own school) using the Internet.

  Curriculum Connections

Language Arts

The students will have to use the stages of the writing process as outlined in the curriculum guides for Language Arts.

  Technology Education

In completing this project, the students will fulfill the requirements for one of the objectives for Technology Education as outline in "A Curriculum Framework for Technology Education":

 Students will use communication tools to access, evaluate, and select appropriate information
   and to create, modify and disseminate information.

The finished products of this project will be used as a resource for our Grade Five Social Studies Course. They will also be "held up" as example of good writing projects for students in the Grades concerned (i.e. Grades Six, Seven, and Eight).

The students involved in this project will be at the higher level on the ability scale; to challenge them, they need to engage in projects that have a useful purpose. By placing this project on our homepage, they would be really performing a useful service. Most people do not know much about the history of these towns. With the Cabot 500 Celebrations about to take place, any information about this area could be useful to prospective tourists. Hence, the Stemnet Stellar Schools Concepts in absolutely essential to this project; it's the only way we can have this information loaded into a homepage.

Other resources to be used in the project would include a Wordprocessor with all of the grammar-check features. A digital Camera will also be used to provide photographs of important points of (for example, monuments) interest in these towns.


     The students involved in the project will learn the proper techniques for doing reliable
       research and creating a publishable document.

     The students will become acquainted with the procedure for maintaining a homepage.
       They will also come to realize its usefullness.

     Our general student population will be more informed about their home towns and
       thus have a better idea of where they are coming from.

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