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  General Information

Lead Teachers:Marvin Ryder - Social Studies Teacher

Barry Pack - Computer Studies Teacher

School:Catalina Elementary
Catalina, NF
A0C 1J0
Grade Level:Grade 8
Number of Students:25
Project Start and Finish Dates:January'96 - February'96

  Project Overview

The Grade Eight Social Studies program titled "Living in A Changing World: Insights Into Worlds Cultures" really exposes students to world cultures. Each year students are required to do several projects wherein they choose a country or area of the world and present a research paper on that country and its culture. In previous years, we have used Library books, encyclopaedias, and CD ROMS to access information. This year, the students will be required to do a research project on Japan by using the Internet as one of the chief sources of information.

  Curriculum Connections

Social Studies

One of the goals of the Grade Eight Social Studies program is that the students will:

     learn about the impact of religion, ideology, economics, politics, technology and
       significant events upon life in different cultures.

     Another of its goals is to promote the development of research skills (funding,
       organizing, evaluating, and presenting information).

  Technology Education

According to "A Curriculum Framework for Technology Education" students in the intermediate level will:

 use communication tools to access, evaluate and select appropriate information and to
   create, modify and disseminate information.

Language Arts

In addition to the general goals of the Language Arts program this project will be aimed at the most specific goal of experimenting with technology to help writing processes (e.g., use word processing programs and databases in the writing process. The databases referred to would be those found on the Internet.

  Resource Connections

The Stem-net Stellar Schools program is essential to this project. This is the only way that our students could have in-school access to the Internet. A few of our students have access to the Internet from their homes; however, this project will be completely in school under teacher supervision. Hence, multiple access to the Internet is essential.


     Students will learn about Japanese culture. They will become knowledgeable about
       the impact of religion, ideology, economics, politics, technology, and significant events
       upon life in different cultures.
     Students will become proficient at using the Internet to access and select appropriate
       information to accomplish the goal stated above.
     Students will develop confidence in using today's and even tomorrow's technology to
       solve some of their problems.

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