Project 5: Dinosaurs

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  General Information

Lead Teachers:Regina Bailey

Juanita Sutton

School:Balbo Elementary School
P.O. Box 280
Shoal Harbour, Newfoundland
A0C 2L0
Telephone: 709-466-7552
Fax: 709-466-7592
Grade Level:Grade 2
Number of Students:38
Project Start and Finish Dates:February 1 - February 28, 1997

  Project Overview

Due to its high interest level, the topic of Dinosaurs is an excellent theme to use in a multidisciplinary teaching approach. Through various disciplines children will develop a firm understanding of these creatures of the past. A major focus of this project is skill development, through centres, where computers i.e., the Internet, will be a major resource.

  Curriculum Connections

Main Curriculum Areas:

  1. Language Arts
  2. Science
  3. Mathematics
  4. Art

School Curriculum /Instructional Philosophy will be addressed by:

  1. Integrating several subject areas within one theme.
  2. Designing student centred instruction -- students play an active role in the learning process.
  3. Considering individual learning abilities and styles when planning a unit of work.
  4. Attempting to integrate technology in the instructional process.
  5. Ensuring that a unit is grounded in provincial ILOs.

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs):

Students will be able to:

  1. Explain that fossils are the remains of plants and animals that lived long ago
  2. Describe how fossils were formed
  3. Explain that dinosaurs were animals that lived long ago, but are now extinct
  4. Establish criteria for classifying dinosaurs
  5. Explore expression in 3-D medium eg. modelling clay
  6. Cut and paste paper to design a model of a dinosaur
  7. Use standard units (cm & m) to compare dinosaurs to objects in their environment
  8. Select and use appropriate information from different resources
  9. Record and summarize available research information
  10. Appreciate poetry and the rhyming scheme which is often present
  11. Formulate their own theories why dinosaurs became extinct
  12. Write creatively, incorporating their knowledge based on research findings
  13. Become familiar with vocabulary and be able to read a variety of material independently

ILOs in Relation to Provincial ILOs:

Outcomes of the grade two curriculum are established by the Department of Education and can be achieved through the development of this theme.

  ILO's of Technology Education

The ILOs of this project have direct links to those dealing with technology education. For example, students will conduct research via the computer and use a word processor to complete this project. More specifically, students will be able to:

  1. Use a word processor to:
       Create a new document.
       Save the document on a storage disk.
       Edit document (e.g., spell check, format, font, etc...).
       Send a print job to the network printer.
       Import graphics, charts and text art into the document.
  2. Search for information by using such software as: Compton's, Grolier, Encarta, World Atlas, Super Tom and Eloquent Librarian.
  3. Access the Internet to obtain information by:
       Conducting net searches.
       Downloading and/or printing files.

  Resource Connections

Benefits of Stellar School Internet Connection:

All students will have the opportunity to access current information and graphics on this topic. Up-to date information about dinosaurs frequently becomes available on the Internet and children will be in the advantageous position to access this information first hand.

Other Resources:

  1. Videos
  2. Extensive supply of Information Books
  3. CD Rom programs
  4. Networks Anthology "Take a Giant Step"
  5. Super Tom


ILOs in Checklist Form:

Students will be able to:

  1. Describe how fossils were formed
  2. Use standard units to compare dinosaurs
  3. Model a dinosaur using 3 -D medium
  4. Record and summarize data using a word processing program
  5. Select appropriate information to write a story
  6. Read books dealing with dinosaurs
  7. Write creative stories
  8. Formulate theories of extinction
  9. Read dinosaur poetry and note rhyming words

Evaluation Procedure:

  1. Checklists
  2. Observation
  3. Personal data files (work samples)
  4. Oral questions and answers

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