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  General Information

Lead Teacher:Karen Carpenter
School:Balbo Elementary School
P.O. Box 280
Shoal Harbour, Newfoundland
A0C 2L0
Telephone: 709-466-7552
Fax: 709-466-7592
Grade Level:Kindergarten
Project Start and Finish Dates:Feburary - March, 1997

  Project Overview

Eric Carle is a familiar author to young children. Children will be introduced to Carle's books in the classroom, "The official Eric Carle Web Site" will be used for biographical information as well as providing answers to frequently asked questions. The children will familiarize themselves with the many characters and situations contained in Carle's books and in the process further develop their reading skill.

  Curriculum Connections

Main Curriculum Areas:

  1. Language Arts
  2. Science
  3. Technology
  4. Mathematics
  5. Art

School Curriculum /Instructional Philosophy will be addressed by:

  1. Integrating several subject areas within one theme.
  2. Designing student centred instruction -- students play an active role in the learning process.
  3. Considering individual learning abilities and styles when planning a unit of work.
  4. Attempting to integrate technology in the instructional process.
  5. Ensuring that a unit is grounded in provincial ILOs.

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs):

Language  demonstrate an understanding of concept of author and
   illustrator; that information comes from many sources.
 read simple, predictable books.
 engage in shared writing experiences based on Carle's books.
Math  read and print numerals to 10.
 sort, classify and display information using pictographs.
 read and interpret a graph.
Science  demonstrate an understanding of the life cycle of a butterfly and
   growth cycle of seeds.
 identify farm animal sounds.
Music  engage in singing activities relating to spiders, butterflies, farm
   animals and counting.
Religion  appreciate living creatures as part of God's world.
Art  create a spider's web using various media.
 illustrate books created jointly by the class.

ILOs in Relation to Provincial ILOs:

All units planned must correspond to the ILOs outlined in the Department of Education Curriculum Guides (Kindergarten Curriculum Guide Draft '96).

  ILO's of Technology Education

The ILOs of this project have direct links to those dealing with technology education. For example, students will conduct research via the computer and use a word processor to complete this project. More specifically, students will be able to, with the assistance of a teacher:

  1. Use a word processor to:
       create a new document
       save the document on a storage disk
       edit document (e.g., spell check, format, font, etc...)
       send a print job to the network printer
  2. Access the Internet to obtain information by:
       conducting net searches
       downloading and/or printing files

  Resource Connections

Benefits of Stellar School Internet Connection:

It will provide access to information that would not be readily available using traditional means. For example, students would be able to visit the official Eric Carle Web Site.

Other Resources:

  1. Author's titles on video
  2. Local authors visiting
  3. Children as authors visiting
  4. Interaction with other classes

ILOs in Checklist Form:

  1. Identify animals in Carle's books (eg. spiders, caterpillars, ladybug)
  2. Read and print numerals to 10
  3. Read simple, predictable books
  4. Engage in shared writing experiences
  5. Illustrate classroom books
  6. Engage in singing activities of related animals in books

Evaluation Procedure:

  1. Observation Records
  2. Conference Notes
  3. Sample Work

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