Project 3: Discover the Adventures in Cranberryport

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Kim Davis-Winsor - Grade Two Teacher

Karen Young - Learning Resources Teacher

School: Anthony Paddon Elementary
P.O. Box 8
Musgravetown, NF
A0C 1Z0
Tel: (709) 467-2785
Fax: (709) 467-4357
Grade Level: Grade 2
Number of Students: 24 students
Project Start and Finish Dates: September 1997 - June 1998

  Project Overview

Wende and Harry Devlin have written and illustrated a series of books that have become known to young children as the "Cranberryport Series". These books revolve around special celebrations such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc. Throughout the year, the students will be introduced to these books as each event is celebrated. We plan to share with others, our students’ enthusiasm for these books by creating a "Cranberryport" web page.

Our goals are to:

  • use the Internet to find information on Wende and Harry Devlin
  • create a web page about the Devlins
  • have groups of 2-3 students review the books in the Cranberryport Series
  • have students illustrate scenes from these books and scan them into the web page
  • create links to each review, as well as to additional information that other students will enjoy

  Curriculum Connections

  1. Language Arts
  2. Art
  3. Technology Education

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

1. Language Arts:

Students will:

  • engage in shared reading experiences
  • listen, discuss, and relate personal experiences to what has been read
  • communicate information and ideas
  • respond to literature
  • write for a variety of audiences
  • engage in the writing process
  • demonstrate an understanding of author, illustrator and other story elements

2. Art:

Students will:

  • create stories visually

3. Technology Education:

Students will:

  • access the Internet to obtain information
  • use a word processor to compile information and create a web page
  • create links to the web page

  Resource Connections

The Stellar School Internet Connection will allow us to link our students to the Internet, to access information that is not available through the current resources in our school, and to share our ideas and information with other students and colleagues.


The Learning Outcomes previously listed will be used to determine the level of understanding and achievement by the students. This will be accomplished through evaluation procedures including teachers’ observations, conferencing, anecdotal notes and students’ work.

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