Project 2: Exploring Our Careers in the Information Age

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Robert Young - School Counsellor

Carol Budgell - Language Arts Teacher

School: Anthony Paddon Elementary
P.O. Box 8
Musgravetown, NF
A0C 1Z0
Tel: (709) 467-2785
Grade Level: Grade 9
Number of Students: 64 students
Project Start and Finish Dates: January, 1997 to April, 1997

  Project Overview

In our Guidance Module students explore possible future career paths and their implications: i.e., course selections at high school, post-secondary selection, hobbies, lifestyle, etc. This has been done using CHOICES, print materials and locally available sources of information. In other words, students have been using limited, dated information which has a relatively narrow focus.

We will now use the Internet to explore possible paths. Students will be able to research current information on growth areas and opportunities in other cities and countries; they will be able to contact schools, colleges or job banks to request information.

Based upon their research they will develop packages of information which will be shared with their classmates through one or more of the following means: a research paper, a collage, a power point presentation or a home page. They will then present their research to their classmates.

  Curriculum Connections

In Guidance students will:

  • compile and share current career information;
  • develop teamwork skills;
  • engage in career planning from a global perspective.

In Language Arts students will:

  • develop research,
  • develop organization skills,
  • improve writing skills,
  • oral presentation skills.

In Technology Education students will:

  • learn to conduct research using the Internet;
  • learn to use E-mail to contact people around the globe; and,
  • use the computer to develop presentations -- word processing, graphics, and home pages.

Intended Learning Outcomes

As an outcome of this work students will:

  • understand how to collect information using the Internet;
  • learn to collate research into a presentable format;
  • further develop presentation skills;
  • and, set short-term goals and develop long-term plans based upon their research.

  Resource Connections

The Stellar Schools Internet Connection is vital to the success of our project. It will enable us to access information which is current and global in perspective. This will allow our students, who are from a rural community, to better plan for their futures in the new global economy.


  • Students will develop a package using various media to present their findings.
  • Students will do an oral presentation to their class.

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