Project 3: Careers in Computers

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  General Information

Lead Teacher:Craig Cook
Grade Level:Level III
Number of Students:51
Project Start and Finish Dates:Project will start in May, 1997. The project will be 1.5 months in duration, from the beginning of career area research to the publication of a home page containing a collection of HTML presentations written by students.

  Project Overview

This project will integrate the use of Choices 97, information collected from Employment and Immigration Canada, and Internet browsing to satisfy the Careers Unit in Computer Technology 3200. The use of the Internet will be instrumental in getting updated information on job opportunities from major industry leaders who now provide detailed online information as part of their recruiting efforts. Students will choose different career areas to research and will combine this information into HTML documents, which will be assembled and posted in a "careers page", on the Internet. An important aspect of this activity is the use of the Internet's resources in combination with other available sources. It also stresses that the Internet can be a useful research tool, as well as a source of entertainment and leisurely "browsing".

  Curriculum Connections

Main curriculum areas addressed:

The project will help to achieve the curriculum goals in Computer Technology 3200.

Aligning the project with the school's overall curriculum goals:

One of the intentions of the technology program at St. Lawrence Central High is to provide students with experience in the practical application of technology, in addition to mere exposure and practice. After having been exposed to the major areas of computer technology in this course, students will have an opportunity to browse the Internet and collect information on a career area that interests them. They will use this communication technology as a tool and proceed to integrate it with other information sources in the form of HTML documents similar to the ones that they researched.

Relating intended learner outcomes to provincial learner outcomes for Computer Technology 3200:

Students will accomplish the following tasks, upon completion of the Careers Module during this project:

  1. They will use the Internet, along with other information sources, to compile career related information such as:
       overview of the filed
       employment outlook
       career requirements
       educational requirements
       salary opportunities, etc.

  2. They will write HTML documents of the information gathered, using pages that they have browsed as examples.

The following intended learner outcomes for Technology Education, as defined in "Living In A Technological Society", will be addressed:

     "employ a broad range of communications tools, techniques, and processes;

     "develop and adopt strategies to employ communications technologies in building
       new knowledge from existing information"

     "demonstrate understanding of how information and communications tools are used
       to access information, to evaluate and select information appropriate to the need, and
       to create , modify and disseminate information;"

  Resource Connections

Stellar Schools Internet Connection will allow this project to integrate the Internet with other information resources, in the collection of data on career areas. Browsing the Internet will also allow students to see quality HTML documents and hopefully use them as an example when they compose their own.


Students will be evaluated on the relevancy of information collected, the even integration of all information resources in the final presentation (this will differ, depending on the career area covered), and the quality of the HTML document. Students will also be asked to submit a summary of the information collected on the Internet and their opinion on the significance of the Internet as a resource in this project.

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