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  General Information

Lead Teachers:Keith Farrell

Craig Cook

Grade Level:Grade 9
Number of Students:27
Project Start and Finish Dates:February 2, 1997 to March 7, 1997

  Project Overview

Students will familiarize themselves with the course content of Physical Education 1100 by using the internet to research topics on archery, orienteering, soccer, volleyball, basketball, team handball, wrestling, gymnastics and table tennis. Relative information on regulations, layouts of playing area, types of equipment and comparisons of each sport among different countries will be collected. The students, who are already HTML literate, will compose their assigned questions into web pages which will later be assembled by the teacher into a single Physical Education 1100 Resource page. This page will be posted on the local area network, as well as the internet for other students and teachers to use.

  Curriculum Connections

Main curriculum areas addressed:

The students will conduct research on the units described in the Physical Education 1100 course description. These are:

     team handball
     table tennis

Relating intended learner outcomes:

Although this does not directly satisfy any intended learner outcomes, the documentation for this curriculum stresses the importance of a deeper appreciation of sport for ALL students. This will allow students to perform in Physical Education 1100 intellectually as well as mentally. Students will also have an opportunity to express their special interest in a particular sport, in a course must be generalistic to a degree, so that all sports are covered.

Addressing the intended learner outcomes for Technology Education in the intermediate program:

The project will help the teacher meet the following outcomes, listed in Living In A Technological Society:

     "explore new and emerging communications systems"

     "evaluate communications products and systems, both their own and others, in terms
       of intended use and effectiveness..."

     "work effectively in a variety of communications media"

     "explore and identify information and communications tools in daily use at home and
       in school"

     "use communications technologies to build new knowledge form existing information"

     "use communication technology as a tool for a variety of purposes"

     "use communications technology to research ideas and information and to
       communicate findings..."

  Resource Connections

Stellar Schools Internet Connection will enhance this project by making it possible for our students to connect on the internet and access a new world of information. It will be used in conjunction with library resources, to allow access to more recent information and allow student to direct their own learning as opposed to having their direction restricted by an ever-dwindling amount of relative written material. Students will also learn to selectively choose information form the internet and the library will serve as a credible base to check information that they gain online.


Students will complete a questionnaire at the end of the project, which will be designed to determine if the learning experience was enhanced and to identify any areas that might need improvement, for the effective implementation of future projects. Once the information is collected and the teacher has assembled a HTML document, students will be given a work sheet which will reflect the intended learner outcomes of the unit. They will then use a browser to collect the needed information from the web page that they all contributed to.

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