Project 3: Advanced Writing on the Net

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  General Information

Lead Teachers:Mr. Bill Callahan

Mrs. Angeline Anstey

Grade Level:Level III Students
Number of Students:20
Project Start and Finish Dates:School Year 1996-97. (Feb. 1 - June 21)

  Project Overview

Advanced Writing 3103 is essentially a course which harnesses and helps develop the varied writing skills of students. This skill development process can make use of the Internet to broaden or focus the particular writing skills that each student possesses. To that end the Internet will be used in the following manner.

Students will be expected to share their samples of writing with peers and other writers through bulletin boards and Windows Magazine. They will examine and offer constructive criticism to other writers on the Internet. They will have access to publishers and publishing companies and expert advice. They will use writing magazines to acquire information about writing in general and access Internet sites to download and upload writing samples.

An important component of the proposed project will be a joint project, through KIDLINK worldwide network, with Rock Falls Middle School in the U.S. The purpose of this facet of the project is to have young people share ideas and learn from each other by writing a collaborative, on line, free verse poem entitled "I have a Dream."

  Curriculum Connections

Advanced Writing 3103 - Entire Course Curriculum to make use of the Internet and email.

The intended learning outcomes for this course require that students complete the following tasks and/or assignments: accept constructive criticism from other writers, carry out peer assessments, recognize drawbacks that inhibit their writing, to give society the benefits of their writing, encourage students to enter writing competitions, to help students develop their own writing styles.

  Resource Connections

The Advanced Writing 3103 course has traditionally been limited to the classroom. The writing skill development of the student has been limited to the resources of that traditional classroom. This project proposes to broaden the resource base for that skill development. With access to professional writers, other students, and useful constructive criticism, it is only logical that our students will become better writers. Internet access, in this sense, is not a hope, it must be a necessity.

The other resources to be used in Advanced Writing 3103 include: online newspapers(ie. Inklings), online newsgroups, online authors, online magazines (ie. Macleans).


The Advanced Writing 3103 course is usually evaluated by a series of minor and major original writing assignments. The same will be true for this project, however the process by which originality is developed will differ. Students will place their work online and request input from the users of the Net. Students are usually limited to the constructive criticism of their teacher, but now will be able to gain new and valuable insights into the nature of their writing style.

The lead teacher for this project will make contact with the "I have a Dream" project group at Rock Falls Middle School to ensure that our students have completed the collaborative on line poem and to judge the quality of their work.

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