Project 2: Communications Technology and Networking

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  General Information

Lead Teachers:Mr. Greenham

Mr. Gerald Lilly

Grade Level:Level II, III, IV
Number of Students:23
Project Start and Finish Dates:School year 1996-97. (Feb. 1 - June 21)

  Project Overview

This project is directly related to the curriculum for the Communications Technology 2104 course. The project will not end with the core requirements for this course. Students in this course will link via the INTERNET with two students elsewhere in Newfoundland who are completing the same course. These students will use E-mail to exchange information relevant to the course. Students in different schools will be using different software and communication techniques to complete the course objectives. The opportunity to exchange information will heighten the knowledge and increase the technical skills of all students involved.

  Curriculum Connections

Communications Technology 2104 - Unit 3. Communications Networks.

Unit 3 of this new communications technology course includes several intended learning outcomes and/or topics which definitely require INTERNET access. These include: Network systems, LAN's, WAN's, Network topologies, Bulletin Board Systems, Network services (email, ftp, gopher, file sharing, workgroups, etc.), repeaters, bridges, routers, telnet, netnews, World Wide Web, Mosaic, Netscape, remote control, hypertext, hypermedia, HTML, and Stem~Net.

The Department of Education requires that these objectives be covered. Internet access for the class must be provided for this purpose. Students throughout the province will all be completing the same curriculum objectives for this course. However, the nature of this course is such that not all students will be completing each objective at the same level (Low, Medium, High) and neither will they necessarily be using the same hardware or software. The opportunity to exchange ideas and preferences related to these curriculum differences is obviously important to the technical knowledge and skill development of our students. Informed decision-making is an ultimate goal of the high school curriculum. Exchanging ideas and expressing opinions about how this course is offered and taught fosters decision-making skills.

  Resource Connections

The Stellar Schools project will allow the school to offer INTERNET access to the students in this course. The school would not be able to cover the cost of this connection. Therefore students would not be able to complete course objectives without Stellar Schools.

The other resources to be used in this section of Communications Technology 2104 include: How Networks Work, How the Internet Works, How Computers Work, Stem~Net Training Manuals, and the required programs (HTML, Trumpet Winsock, FTP, Netscape, Eudora, and Novell 3.1.


This project is directly tied to the intended learning outcomes for the Communications Technology 2104 (Unit III) course. Therefore, the following evaluation practices will guide the student evaluation for this project:

 students must have an understanding of the technological and strategic changes taking place
   in industry and the workplace.

 students must demonstrate the ability and willingness to initiate his/her work and to work
   independently without supervisory help.

 students must demonstrate a willingness to get the job done and to be conscious of time on

 students must be able to work cooperatively with other members of the team and to desire to
   achieve higher standards for a common group goal.

 students must demonstrate an appropriate level of research.

 students must be able to identify a range of possible solutions to given problems.

 students must demonstrate an appropriate level of technical quality and technical skill in
   project work.

 students must demonstrate an appropriate knowledge of the communications process.

Evidence of substantial E-mail contact with two other Nfld. Students will be supplied by the student. Through this contact our students will be expected to write a technical analysis of their own Communications 2104 course in comparison to two other schools in the province. The report will contain a listing of hardware and software differences in the respective technology labs, but will also comment on learning methods and analyse the usefulness of their own learning.