Project 1: Communications - Essentials For Success in Today's Global Economic Environment

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  General Information

Lead Teachers:Mrs. Aangeline Anstey

Mr. Roy Pike

Grade Level:Level II & III
Number of Students:10
Project Start and Finish Dates:School year 1996-97. (Feb. 1 - June 21)

  Project Overview

The Enterprise Education 3205 course emphasizes the need for students to learn and understand many of the financial aspects of todays business world. Much of the world's global economy is now linked via the Internet. Students in this course will use the Internet and its services to access a wide range of financial information. They will deal specifically with market research methodologies, stock exchange databases, and web searches for useful financial software.

  Curriculum Connections

  1. Enterprise Education 3205 - Technological Literacy and Societal Change
  2. In unit III of this course several intended learning objectives require INTERNET access. These include:
    1. use computer networks to create links with other enterprising individuals.
    2. use computer networks to research ideas that are available from these networks (Stem~Net).
    3. use computer networks to do market research, access and evaluate financial databases such as stock exchanges to gather investment information.
    4. use electronic mail to send and receive information from other individuals.
    5. and access websites to gather financial information.

  3. The Department of Education requires that these objectives be covered. Internet access for the class must be provided for this purpose. The following attributes and skills determined by the Department of Education are essential to the aims of Enterprise education. These include:
    1. developing creativity, initiative, analytical ability, autonomy, independent thinking, good work habits, and good communication skills;
    2. developing a level of technological understanding essential to an entrepreneurial venture;
    3. development of a core of transferrable, broad-based life and work skills.

  Resource Connections

  1. The Stellar Schools project will allow the school to offer INTERNET access to the students in this course. Only through Stellar Schools will students be able to complete course objectives for Enterprise Education 3205.
  2. The other resources to be used in this section of Enterprise Education 3205 include: WordPerfect for Windows, As Easy As, Microsoft Publisher, C.I.B.C. Bankware, Scotia Business Solutions,Netscape, Winsock, Eudora, HTML Editor, Xtgold, Bitcom, Quicken, Enterprise Game, The Enterprise Education Homepage, Planning for Success, and Flexware Accounting.


Course objectives to be evaluated include:

     students must access and evaluate financial data bases/ websites.

     students must use E-mail to send and receive information from other individuals and
       create links with other enterprising individuals.

     students will generally use computer networks to research ideas that are available from
       these networks.

    The Enterprise Education 3205 course is new to the schools's curriculum this year. The course itself is evaluated through a series of major and minor assignments and through paper and pencil tests. However, a major aspect of the course is the development of a comprehensive small business plan. Resources taken from the Internet must be included as part of this business plan. A part of any new small business is market research. Students must include market information taken from the world

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