Project 2: Cabot 500 - NewTel Home Page Design Contest

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  General Information

Lead Teachers:Barry Stacey - Computer Studies Teacher

Gerard Walsh - Social Studies Department Head

David Brenton - Vice-President

School:Marystown Central High School
P.O. Box 549
Marystown, NF
A0E 2M0
Grade Level:Level I-III Students
Number of Students:4-10
Project Start and Finish Dates:January 1997 to March 31, 1997

  Project Overview

NewTel Communications Inc. is sponsoring a Home Page Design Contest for schools in celebration of the 500th Anniversary of John Cabot's discovery of the New World. The home page will showcase points of historical interest for the area served by their school. It is intended that the contest will provide an exciting educational and creative opportunity for students begin training those who would like to learn about the Internet.

  Curriculum Connections

The project is related to the computer studies area of our curriculum, namely the communications technology courses as well as the social studies curriculum. This webpage will be designed by students from these areas and will be entered in competition with other student pages from schools across our province.

The central theme of the webpage will focus on the cultural and natural historical background of our area, detailing points of historical significance. Students will undertake research which will identify and describe notable people, significant events and places of interest, such as landmarks, buildings, artifacts, etc. This will be tied into the social studies area of our curriculum.

The students will be helped by teachers who will "coach" the student members but students must do the actual development and testing of the entry.

The Technology Education outcomes that are most applicable to this project at the intermediate level are:

Students will:

     develop proficiency with a variety of communications technologies and tools.

     understand the basic communication principles of encoding/decoding,
       transmitting/receiving, storing/retrieving and how they are employed in a variety of
       communication tools and media.

     understand analog and digital means of encoding/decoding, transmitting/receiving,
       storing/retrieving information.

     understand the nature and characteristics of electronic and no-electronic media.

     demonstrate understanding of new and emerging communication systems.

     understand how information and communications tools are used to access information,
       to evaluate and select information appropriate to the need, and to create, modify and
       disseminate information.

     use communications networks and networking tools to create, manipulate, acquire and
       disseminate information in print, video and electronic form.

      Resource Connections

    The Stellar Schools Internet connection will help insure the success of our project as it will allow us to continue to have Internet access available throughout various areas of our school building.

    The school's computer lab, technology lab, as well as our resource centre will be utilized by students in order to complete the various aspects of the project.


    The students involved will learn how to cooperate and work in groups to design a project which will compete against their peers from across the province.

    The students will demonstrate their ability to be creative and to use their skills to bring our local history alive to people outside our area.

    The students will research the Marystown area for points of historical as well as general interest and show how it has been significant in its contributions to our province.

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