Project 3: Blast Off With Kids on the Moon (Ongoing project at midlink)

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  General Information

Lead Teachers:Oscar Harris - Grade 6 Teacher

Charles Penwell - Principal

Grade Level:Grade 6
Number of Students:25

  Project Overview

Students are involved in preparing a Collaborative Moon Colony, called "Kids on the Moon".

Students from each participating school conduct a short survey, activity or experiment, each week. Summarys are posted on the web and detailed reports are emailed to each participating school. A sample of the type of activities include a survey on inherited abilities versus developed talent, near-zero gravity reflex test, nutrition sugar test, create a graphic design for a airborne vehicle, etc.


  1. To develop an understanding of earth and its place in the universe.
  2. To develop skills in scientific processes.
  3. To assist in developing a strong interest in science.
  4. To increase student use of scientific equipment and instruments.
  5. To familiarize students with internet resources.

  Curriculum Conntections


A portion of the science program at this level deals with the earth in space. These activities will help develop this unit in that it will help increase interest, assist students in distinguishing planets from stars, give evidence that the earth is a sphere, develop skills in scientific processes, etc.

Language Arts

Skills in all areas of Language Arts will be developed in student research, reading, completing surveys, interviews and writing reports, etc.

  Learning Outcomes

  1. To develop skills in scientific processes.
  2. To explain that the earth is part of a much larger universe.
  3. To distinguish between planets and stars.
  4. To develop a basic understanding of gravity.
  5. To explain the moon in relation to earth.
  6. To be able to use email on the internet.
  7. To be able to search for items on the WWW.

  Resource Connections

     STELLAR schools internet connections
     Equipment for scientific experiments and activities

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