Project 1: The Writers Network

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Project Overview
Objectives of the Writers Network
Description of our Involvement
Learning Outcomes

  General Information

Lead Teachers:Paul Bartlett - Grade 7 Teacher

Derick Reid - Learning Resource Teacher

Grade Level:Grade 7
Number of Students:24

  Project Overview

Our intent is to participate in the Writers Network an ongoing project started at Holy Heart in St. John's.

  Objectives of the Writers Network

     the development of a provincial network of good writers.
     the sharing of knowledge, skills and experience by students throughout the province.
     the co-creation of writing by parties truly interested in the process.
     the opportunity for teachers to access, contribute and share ideas about writing.

  Discription of our Involvement

Our lead teacher will pick out the best pieces of writing from participants and post the material to the news group. Students will also read the materials posted by others to the Writer's Network and offer responses (compliments, constructive criticism). In this way, students can not only develop their creative writing but also improve their critical thinking and editing skills. As well, teachers are able to offer their expert critiques to students anywhere in the province. Young writers can use this feedback to make improvements to their writing and produce even better material. Keeping pace with developing technology, the project now makes it possible for this interaction to take place through the Writers' Network Web Page.

  Learning Outcomes

  1. To improve students skills in the writing process. (ie. pre-writing to publishing.)
  2. To motivate students in producing publication-quality work.
  3. To emphasize the importance of feedback in the writing process.
  4. To improve Language Arts skills in writing process, usage, spelling and communication skills.
  5. To familiarize students with the WWW.


Evaluation for this project will be based on the objectives of the Language Arts program at the intermediate level.


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