Project 3: "Cabot Connections"

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  General Information

Lead Teachers:Gary Driscoll

Robert Wells

Gertrude Spencer

School:Donald C. Jamieson Academy
P.O. Box 160
Burin Bay Arm, NF
A0E 1G0
Grade Level:Grade 5
Number of Students:72. All students in Grade 5 will become involved in this project.
Project Start and Finish Dates:January - June 1997

  Project Overview

Since 1997 is Newfoundland's 500 year celebration of Cabot's voyage of discovery, we felt it would be beneficial for our students to communicate with students in or around Bristol, England.

Through the use of the Internet, students could share information with each other. Since Donald C. Jamieson Academy is a global school, it would be a great way to enhance this concept.

  Curriculum Connections

  1. Language Arts: Students writing letters about their own communities and interpreting information received from their counterparts.
  2. Social Studies: Comparing and contrasting communities in Newfoundland to that of Bristol, England.
  3. Computer Skills:
    1. Students will learn how to correspond through e-mail thus further developing their skills of Keyboarding.
    2. Surfing the Net, students will learn more about other communities around the world.
    3. Understanding of our lives changing as a result of increased technology.

  Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will develop an appreciation of the contribution historians have made to our heritage and culture.
  2. Students will have an understanding of how the past directly influences the present.

  Resource Connections

The Stellar Schools Internet Connection is essential to our project. Access to the Internet in our school is currently restricted to one computer. The inclusion of Donald C. Jamieson to the project will further enhance each student in Grade Five to become Internet literate.

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