Project 1: "Rendez-vous Francophone"

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  General Information

Lead Teacher:Merrill Bungay
School:Donald C. Jamieson Academy
P.O. Box 160
Burin Bay Arm, NF
A0E 1G0
Grade Level:Grade 8
Number of Students:25. Initially, I would like to begin with 25 students but as the project continues and we get the "bugs" worked out, we could increase the participation level to the whole group of Grade Eights which number 108.
Project Start and Finish Dates:December 1996 - June 1997. As well, it is hoped that this project will continue into 1999.

  Project Overview

I am in a situation in Donald C. Jamieson Academy whereby I teach both French and Computers in Grade 8. The program I use in French is Destination 2. Each unit in this text contains a section on some Francophone areas of the world. The following are covered: Quebec City, Haiti, Senegal et La Lousisane.

Through the use of the Internet, this group could make contact with schools in these areas of the world. Cultural information could be exchanged. My students could get some insight into what it is like to live in these other locales.

Our goal is to interact in cyberspace, to share information about Newfoundland and Labrador, and to make friends.

  Curriculum Connections

  1. French: Contact will be made with real people from the countries being studied.
  2. Social Studies: My students will have the opportunity to learn where the Francophone areas covered in their text are located. It will give them some insight into their historical background, the foods they eat, the clothes they wear, etc.
  3. Computer: By "surfing the net" the students will gain expertise in locating analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating information, selecting the appropriate materials as well as downloading data. They will contact schools and begin exchanging E-mail with students their own age.

  Learning Outcomes

By its very nature, this project will foster learning. In learning a second language, if contact is made with people in their mother tongue, it has more substance than just reading about it in a textbook.

  Resource Connections

The Stellar School Internet connection is vital to the success of our project. Access to the Internet in our school is currently restricted to one computer. Having the Internet available through the Windows NT server would enable my students to learn in a more interesting, real and current medium.

I believe that this project will enrich my students' current knowledge in many curriculum areas. It will be an important step in helping them realize that, as Newfoundlanders, we are a part of the great global community.

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