Project 3: Lien(s) avec la Francophonie

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  General Information

Lead Teacher:Cecilia Bungay
Grade Level:Level III
Number of Students:14
Project Start and Finish Dates:School Year 1996-1997

  Project Overview

Using the Internet, students will do research on topics related to the themes being studied, access authentic documents and make contact with francophones of their own age group in Canada and in other French-speaking areas of the world.

  Curriculum Connections

This project is meant to complement the French 3201 course. Specifically, some of the objectives for this course are as follows:

  1. to expose students to aspects of "la francophonie" as represented in the selected writings
  2. to broaden students' understanding of their national heritage and the larger world in which they live
  3. to learn about the values and experiences that are uniquely francophone
  4. to explore common human experiences
  5. to promote self-understanding and the development of personal values.

Four themes are studied in this course, two of which relate to France and Québec. Access to the Internet would permit students to have direct contact with young people in these and other francophone countries and allow them to do research and access authentic documents in their second language.

As well, these students have little knowledge of the use of the Internet. The work they will do during this project will introduce them to this valuable research tool, which they will no doubt find beneficial when they begin their post-secondary studies next year.

  Resource Connections

Without the Internet connection, this type of contact with "la francophonie" would not be possible.


Evaluation will be based on a written report from the students giving their reaction to the project as well as on the work that they produce through the use of the Internet.

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