Project 3: The "Wright" Stuff - And Beyond

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  General Information

Lead Teacher:T. Hunt - Grade 6 Teacher
School:Lewisporte Integrated Elementary School
Spruce Avenue
P.O. Box 729
Lewisporte, NF
A0G 3A0
Grade Level:Grade 6
Number of Students:15 students of varying ability levels
Project Start and Finish Dates:March 1997 - June 1997

  Project Overview

Students will use the online facilities to research various aspects of the history of flight dating from the contributions of the Wright Brothers to the present day. In addition to a general overview of the general history of flying, students will be encouraged to direct their research so as to place emphasis on the development of flight on the Canadian scene. Contributions and efforts of famous Canadians will be researched and reported on. Students will make contact, via the internet, with a variety of websites and also contact individual aviation "buffs" through the use of E-mail and news groups.

Information gathered through such processes will be collated and available to be placed on line as a resource for other elementary students.

  Curriculum Connections

Language Arts:

A project of this nature fits in very well into the existing grade 6 language arts program. One of the major themes at this level is entitled "Getting Off the Ground". This project will facilitate this thematic approach as students become actively involved in this type of resource based learning.

Students will become involved in a myriad of reading and writing activities that will develop and enhance skills in:

     discussion techniques
     interview techniques
     writing and grammar skills
     research skills
     group work and co-operative learning
     report writing

Social Studies:

The thrust of the grade 6 Social Studies curriculum deals with our own country - Canada. While involved with this project students will concentrate on Canadian efforts in the field of flight and will study the historical and geographical significance of many events.

  Learning Outcomes

     Students will become familiar with the use of the Internet as a research tool.

     Students will become familiar with "key" people who were instrumental in the
       development of flight.

     Students will learn about the significant Canadian contribution to the world of

     Students will learn of the advancements and improvements in the field of aircraft
       looks, design and capability.

     Students will learn about the importance of flight as a mode of transportation in
       today's world.

     Students will become familiar with a variety of aircraft types and how they are

  Resource Connections

The Internet connection will be an invaluable tool to facilitate the success of this project. The project will serve as an introduction to some of the services available online. Emphasis will be placed on information retrieval through net searches and information sharing via postings of items. This will be a new experience for all students in the group as prior to this, no students were afforded the opportunity to go on line. The school's Internet capability was limited to one machine that was used by staff for the Stemnet connection.


Student achievement will be evaluated using the aforementioned learning outcomes: Students will be involved in group work and each group will be responsible for presenting a written "document" pertaining to their assigned area of work. In addition, teacher observation and participation will be invaluable in determining the effectiveness of technology use, student enthusiasm and commitment, effectiveness of group work, etc.

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