Project 2: Space

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  General Information

Lead Teacher:Robert Gignac
Coordinator for
Gifted Programming,
District 6:
D. Yates
School:Lewisporte Integrated Elementary School
Spruce Avenue
P.O. Box 729
Lewisporte, NF
A0G 3A0
Grade Level:Grade 6 High Ability Students
Number of Students7
Project Start and Finish Dates:April 7, 1997 to June 6, 1997

  Project Overview

Many facilities and systems depend upon our use of space. Satellites assist in collecting data for weather observations and in collecting data for agricultural issues.

Canada is involved with the space program and can assist with the dissemination of information and play an important role in caring for our planet and learning more about space.

These Exceptionally Able Learners will be encouraged not only to take an active role in this space project but will also be encouraged to maintain a life long interest in this subject.

  Curriculum Connections

Language Arts:

Spacelink is a valuable source of information on space. Students will have access to NASA astronauts through E-mail addresses. And they can correspond with other elementary students who have a similar interest in learning more about earth and space.

This on line communication can be incorporated into the regular Language Arts program using writing skills appropriate to this age group.

Social Studies:

Satellite communication is relevant in determining weather and agricultural conditions on the earth.

This sort of communication is also valuable because it provides information to people in isolated regions on our planet. In addition, satellite communication plays an important role in providing the quick spread of information for international relationships.


The information collected in this unit will be invaluable for the Resource Based Learning teacher who introduces a unit on the Solar System each year.

  Learning Outcomes

  1. To provide an opportunity for these EAL students to become aware of the various sites on the Internet that provide information on space.
  2. To develop an improved understanding of our planet and space.
  3. To show that environmental changes affect all of our lives.
  4. To study the role that the Canadian Space Agency plays in the space program.

  Resource Connections

     Presently our library has some information on space. This takes the form of printed
       material, videos and slides.

     Access to the Internet will greatly enhance the amount and quality of data already
       available to our students.

     We have at our disposal a color scanner, digital camera, and a color printer.

Together the above resources along with the data downloaded from Spacelink and other relevant web sites should provide a challenging project for the EAL students. It will also provide means for these students to complete a well written and creative research paper.


Students will be evaluated on the previously stated learning outcomes. They will be expected to write a research paper and give an oral presentation on their research.

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