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  General Information

Lead Teachers:Mr. Jamey Jennings

Mr. Bill Butt

School:Lakewood Academy
P.O. Box 10
Glenwood, NF
A0G 2K0
Grade Level:Level I, II, & III
Number of Students30
Project Start and Finish Dates: 

  Project Overview

For the past five years, students involved in enterprise education at Lakewood Academy have participated in the Wilfred Laurier Stock Market Competition (February - April). This is a Canada-wide stock market simulation in which teams of students invest $100,000.00 hypothetical dollars in companies of their choice. Each team has to place a minimum of nine trades and the team with the portfolio of greatest value at the end of the competition wins. There are also regional winners.


i. To teach students the fundamentals and workings of the stock market and the risks and opportunities it poses.

ii. To access current information and news groups following the stock market.

iii. To access on-line quote servers for tracking stock values and other information.

iv. To provide a means through which students can place their trades to Wilfred Laurier University over the Internet.

v. To access resource persons who may be able to provide students with some investment advice.

The stock market is a component of Business Enterprise 1100 and Enterprise 3205. The concepts and understandings covered in these programs will be complemented and reinforced through real world experience. The project will also provide students with a very practical experience in terms of utilizing the Internet and SLIP access at school.

  Resource Connections

Internet, Intranet and E-mail resources through our Windows NT network at Lakewood Academy.

We are requesting 6 student accounts; one account per team not per student


The teachers and participating students will evaluate the success of the project through discussing the project on an ongoing basis as well as at the end of the competition. Students decision-making abilities will be considered as well as their overall comprehension of the stock market in terms of its risk and profit potential. Risk factors in terms of the different types of stocks available and individual investment objectives will also be considered. Students will also complete a written evaluation of the competition at the end.

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