Project 2: Gander River Project

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  General Information

Lead Teacher:Mr. Edgar Lee
School:Lakewood Academy
P.O. Box 10
Glenwood, NF
A0G 2K0
Grade Level:Grade 5
Number of Students18
Project Start and Finish Dates:Feb. 24th,1997 - May 31th, 1997

  Project Overview

Grade five students at Lakewood Academy in Glenwood will join Project Rivers through the internet. Their goal is to study sections of The Gander River below and above the towns of Glenwood and Appleton. With assistance from The Department of Fisheries, Department of Health, Gander River Management Authority, Gander River Tours, Glen Eagles River Tours, Town of Glenwood, Town of Appleton, Micmac Band Council and Lakewood Academy the students will collect scientific, historical, and economic data.


  1. Students will learn how to collect scientific, historical, and economic data in a real world setting.

  2. Students will learn to publish their data using World Wide Web (WWW) as their platform.

  3. Students will gain an appreciation for our waterways and the need to keep them clean.

  Resource Connections

  1. Internet connection. Provided by Cable Atlantic and Stemnet.

  2. Either Internet Server or School's Server or Stemnet.

  3. All associated computer hardware, scanners, digital camera, video camera, printers provided by Lakewood Academy.

  4. Collecting instruments provided by Lakewood Academy, Gander River Management Authority, Department of Fisheries and Department of Health Services.

  Curriculum Connections

This project meets course objectives in

Computer Technology

the students will demonstrate a knowledge of the basic communication principles of encoding /decoding/ transmitting /receiving /storing /retrieving of data as they explore a variety of media.


Method # 1. The students will complete an experimental project which will allow them to collect and interpret data such as the temperature, PH, biotic content, historical uses, and current and future economical uses of The Gander River.

Language Arts

The students will publish reports, graphs, charts, pictures and communicate with others through their home page.

Social Studies

The students will develop social/group skills; map/globe skills; table, graph and chart skills; research skills; and language skills.

The students will study the interdependence of people at a provincial, national, and global level.

The students will study how people interact with their physical environment and with each other.


The Gander River Project will provide a vehicle for integration of units of study in a variety of curriculum.

Evaluation will culminate with the publishing of a web page which will empower the students with the ability to exchange information with the rest of the world.

The students will also provide Lakewood Academy, the town of Appleton and the town of Glenwood with a current ph and biotic content profile of the Gander River above and below the sewer treatment plants.

The students will correspond with Gander River Tours, Glen Eagle Tours and The Gander River Management Authority to produce an economic profile of The Gander River.

The students will correspond with the Micmac Band Council to produce a historical profile of the Gander River.

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