Project 1: Youth Internship I.T.P. Database

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  General Information

Lead Teacher:Mr. Brent Davis
School:Lakewood Academy
P.O. Box 10
Glenwood, NF
A0G 2K0
Grade Level:Level III
Number of Students18
Project Start and Finish Dates:January, 1997 - June, 1997

  Project Overview

This project is similar to the Student Database of I.T.P.s Project at Vaters Collegiate. Students will create a homepage on the WWW describing their Youth Internship Canada work placement. This page will include a biography and photo of the student, information about their I.T.P. (Individual Training Plan), and information on the employer/partner (with his/her permission). Where appropriate, a brief video of the work placement could also be linked to the page. Any information relating to the employer will not be published on the internet without his/her approval and written permission. These pages, when complete, will be linked to the Lakewood Academy school homepage. This information can then be used by other interested students to assist in selecting an appropriate work placement in the future or as a career planning tool.

  Project Goals:

i. To create a database of student placements to be used by other students when selecting placements or career planning.

ii. To teach students the fundamentals of HTML editing and homepage design to present information on the internet in an attractive format.

iii. To make students aware of the need to be technologically literate in the workforce of today.
These goals are consistent with the instructional philosophy of Lakewood Academy. Also, our Youth Internship Canada Project has the following goals which can be addressed by this project:
i. The student will learn how to search for and retrieve information via the Internet.

ii. To make students more aware of the skills they need for employment in the year 2000 and beyond.

iii. To help students develop an appreciation for employment opportunities related to the increasing use of technology in the workplace.

iv. The student will have a general knowledge of computer networks.

v. The student will have a general knowledge of marketing in the global economy via the WWW.

  Resource Connections

Computer equipment such as scanner, digital camera, and video capture card provided by Lakewood Academy.

HTML editing software provided by Lakewood Academy.

Internet access through STELLAR Schools internet connection. This will allow students to research careers and web page design as well as provide access for other students to the homepages created and the information contained in them.


The lead teacher, the principal, and the students will all participate in the overall evaluation of this project by discussing the project and/or completing a questionnaire in order to decide whether or not the program:

was beneficial to the student and future participants in Lakewood Academy's Youth Internship Canada program.

met the original goals and objectives of the project.

offered a useful experience for the student.
Each student's homepage will also be graded as a project for the Youth Internship 3225 course.

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