Project 3: Developing a School Website and E-Mail Address for The Nfld Pony that can be Continually Updated in Future Years.

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Kevin Head

Philip Thornley

Frank Murphy

Winnie Learning

School: Greenwood Academy
P.O. Box 100
Campbellton, NF
A0G 1L0
Tel: (709) 261-2420
Grade Levels: Grade 5 and 6, Grade 8 French
Number of Students: 42 students (Grades 5 and 6), 20 students (Grade 8 French)
Project Start and Finish Dates: On going - June 98; thereafter updated

  Project Overview

This area was once a haven for horses and ponies involved in the lumber woods and as the family's source of power. It is very much a valuable part of our student's heritage. It is also an excellent theme to teach a number of ideas and skills - from "Horse Power" (Pony Power?), Environment Issues, Biology, Social Questions to Physical Driving Skills! And with this project an opportunity to serve a charity through the internet - a link from past to future, from rural roots to cyberspace.

  Curriculum Connections

Lang. Arts:

Students will gather information from a variety of written/oral/pictorial/experiential sources and use writing/wordprocessing skills for a text and graphic page with imbedded links to horse genetics, care and interest groups world wide. They also will see origins of some of our language (chomping at the bit - "hold your horses!")


Students will create graphs of pony population statistics as it is known, both province wide and locally.

Social Studies:

Learn abut their own communities, and the important place the ponies had in them.


Something of genetics; biology of the horse; how people can live quite happily with the sustainable, low energy consumption of real horse power - (and of the human work involved!). Something of the history of work, energy and power.


A sense for what is valuable and what is not. A sense for the mystery of communication - both among ourselves and inter species. A sense of control and power, and humility and respect.


The page text will be bilingual, translated by the French class.

  Technology Education

  1. Students will see a broad "Time-Slice" of technology.
  2. Students will use a very wide range of information sources including local observation/experience.
  3. Students will develop some skill in the use of the internet and E-Mail, graphics and word processing.
  4. Students will get some "connectedness" between information and their rural way of life.

  Resource Connections

The Stellar Schools Internet Connection will give our students access:

1. to what they have found out from their own roots.
2. for a search for what others have found out.

This project will enable our students to extend research under taken by Grade 5 last year to include more extensive use of word processing, graphics, E-Mail, internet and web site technology.

Other Resources:

  • The Nfld Pony Society Newsletters, registry, and data (one of the teachers is on the Soc. executive).
  • Books on the Nfld. Pony
  • Library reference and resources
  • Communities themselves have living examples available to students for observation, stories, riding and driving.
  • The student's parents and grandparents have extensive experience.
  • CBC videotapes
  • Geneticists, breeders of other heritage ponies world wide.


  1. Students will be evaluated as a written project on criteria from each of the subject areas.
  2. Students will have access to the internet and e-mail,.
  3. Students will be proficient enough with word processing to type correctly a page of text.
  4. Students will, with some help, be able to transfer/create images.
  5. Students will have some understanding of web pages.

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