Project 2: "Brooks R Us"

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Stephen Harris
School: Glovertown School System
P.O. Box 40
Glovertown, NF
A0G 2L0
Tel: (709) 533-2443
Grade Level: Levels II and III Environmental Science
Number of Students: 25
Project Start and Finish Dates: Sept. 97 - June 98

  Project Overview

This project would involve a partnership between Glovertown Regional High School Environmental Science Class, Stellar Schools, and Cable Atlantic. There are also possible partnerships to be worked out with Ducks Unlimited, The Steady Project, and The Green Team. Together the school would work to preserve and maintain the local "Steady" and "Penney's Brook" which flows adjacent to the school.

The Environmental Science students of GRHS will adopt "Penney's Brook", adjacent to the school, and care for it in an ongoing manner. The basic plan is to do regular litter cleanups, water quality tests, birdcounts, beautification of Penney's Book and pubic awareness. This will be done on an ongoing basis with information posted on our Home Page and shared with any other interested partners. Any initiatives, information and resources from other partners can be explored and participated in by the Environmental Science Class.

  Curriculum Connections

  • Students will see the connection between the global situation and the local or personal situation.
  • Students will identify the impact of human activity on the natural environment.
  • Students will gather, organize, interpret and evaluate information related to an environmental issue on a local level, to develop a sense personal responsibility and empowerment in relation to the environment and environmental problems
  • Adoption of a section of a local river/watershed - Sept. 1997.
  • Monitoring the section of river and bog ecosystem (Steady) for evidence of environmental damage, specifically water pollution, litter, and general health of the ecosystem
  • Biweekly creation of a homepage for reporting on the state of the river section - Sept. 1997.
  • Development of a network with similar project groups, sharing information, ideas and results.

Students will:

  • develop Web pages about their project using HTML and Netscape.
  • use e-mail, FTP and newsgroups participation to provide online reports.
  • hands on beautification of river and development of small park-like setting with flower garden, picnic area.

  Resource Connections

  • Students will link to a nation wide program based at the Ontario Science Centre.
  • Resources from previously mentioned groups will be used by the students in the classroom and on-line using the latest in communication technology to help develop student and class projects to increase awareness about local ecosystems, how they relate to all ecosystems and the environment.
  • Use the public library and the school’s resource center.


  • A class log will be kept of individual student activities during the course of the project. This log will be evaluated at the completion of the project using the course objectives.
  • Student homepage design and resource utilization will be assessed for clarity and information organization.
  • An environmental baseline will be established at the start of the project. This baseline will be used to compare the environmental impact that this project has had on "The Steady" and "Penney’s Brook" at the completion of the project.

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