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  General Information

Lead Teachers:Nick Soper

Bill Bradbury

Brian Mosher

Wayne Hurley

Christine Casey Flynn

Melvin Payne

Ron Dawe - Art Teacher

  Project Overview

Students will contribute their poetry, stories, and other creative writing efforts to an on-line student writers workshop and writing magazine.

Drafts can be submitted so that students can obtain comments and suggestions that might help in editing. Students can make requests for peer editing. Collaborative works where different writers share the composing of a work (i.e. contributing stanzas of poetry, chapters, endings or parts of stories, scenes from plays) is possible.

The emphasis will be on both sharing works in progress (the writers workshop) as well as publishing finished drafts (writing magazine). Students will be invited to make constructive comments on both rough and final drafts.

As well student artists will have the opportunity to illustrate the writing.

  Curriculum Connections

Language and literature courses sometimes stimulate student interest in creative writing but do not always provide sufficient opportunity for extensive poetic, dramatic, or narrative writing, for students to interact with other creative writers, to hear others respond to their writings, or to see their work published and treated by others as literature and language courses.

Advanced Writing 3103 is essentially a "creative writing" or "literature" writing course will be particularly well served by this project. Much of the student organizational support for this project will come from this class. The writing of poetry, fiction, and drama comprises the bulk of this course and similarly the writing anticipated by Write On. There fore, almost all the curriculum objectives of this course can be encouraged through Write On.

Writing for a responsive and appreciative audience, reading audience responses and editing in response to feedback, having the satisfaction of seeing their own work "published", feeling apart of a community of writers, responding to the writing of others - all these aspects of writing on-line promote the objectives of Advanced Writing, Language 3101 (narrative/short story writing is a major unit in this course) and our overall Language curriculum.

Art students will also developing their skills as illustrators.

  Intended Learning Outcomes

     To develop in writers a clearer sense of audience and purpose.
     To encourage literary writing; to let the students see themselves as writers.
     To allow students to develop relationships with similarly motivated writers.
     To show that students can entertain each other through their writing.
     To facilitate peer editing.
     To provide an opportunity for graphic artists to adapt or integrate their art into literary

  Resource Connections

The Stellar School's Internet Connection will enable our writers to reach a much larger community of writers. Students will also be able to use the present Writers Network Project and utilize other on-line writing opportunities.

By making student access to Write On easier and faster, the Stellar Project will encourage many more students to participate.


     Both teachers and students will complete surveys based on the intended learning
     Informal in class surveys by English teachers will provide feedback.
     An on-line student questionnaire and evaluation/suggestion page will be provided.

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