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  General Information

Lead Teacher:Brian J. Mosher

  Project Overview

The video series "Churches of Newfoundland" was completed in 1990. Through its development, I attempted to show the different structures as well as the beliefs and practices that are exist as part of many of the mainstream Christian denominations within the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Each is captured in video format, ranging between twenty and forty minutes in length, narrated by the resident clergy of the church being toured. Its original target audience was students of the Grade Nine Religion program, especially those who would not have access to a large church of a particular denomination like those featured in the "Churches of Newfoundland" video series.

It is my proposal that this series could effectively reach significantly more people and have a much greater impact if it was to be made available through a web site format. In the creation of this Web Site, select images, and where possible actual video from the series, could be accessed in varying categories (ex. Building structure, Sacraments and rituals, religious symbols etc), each categorized by each respective denomination.

The project is intended as an on going one. It is hoped that over time, more information and churches would be added, creating an extensive database for the denominations presently covered as well as introducing denominations, perhaps other world religions (Judaism, Baha'i etc) currently not covered by the video series.

Once completed, this Web Site would provide an excellent source of information for students of all religious education courses, at the intermediate (Grade Nine) as well as the High School Level (Ethical Choices 2107\3107, Design Technology etc.). The site could also provide valuable information for the person of any age or religion who would simply want to access information on a particular Christian Denomination.

Since the video for this project has already been completed, the original raw material would be readily available. The only extra hardware requirements would be a peripheral device to convert existing video into useable GIF \ JPG images.

When completed, the "Churches of Newfoundland" Web Site will, I feel, provide a valuable resource for a large number of people.

  Curriculum Connections/Learning Outcomes

  1. To demonstrate the use of technology as an integral part of the learning process.
  2. To promote, through technology, a greater understanding of the beliefs and practices of people who may be different than ourselves.
  3. To show how the learning disciplines of religion\ humanities and technology may complement one another.
  4. To show how the visual media and computer technology can combine impacts through the creation of a new form of presentation of an already existing video series.
  5. To further present material as research that leads to the creation of this video series.

  Resource Connections

The creation of this website will use , as its primary resource base The video series "The Churches of Newfoundland" (B. Mosher, 1990). Supplementary resources will come from other print. and video resources that are can be found during the production of the original website, as well as video and print resources that become available in an ongoing basis once the series has been put together and is able to expand.


Students involved in the creation of this website will be evaluated on the material gained as research. This will involve testing their understanding of the material that has been gained. They will also be evaluated on the overall quality of their particular section of the website.

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