Project 2: Writer's Network

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Ramona Bennett, Grade 6 Teacher

Angela MacNeil, Grade 6/Special Needs Teacher

School: St. Michael's School
P.O. Box 280
Stephenville Crossing, Newfoundland
A0N 2C0
Telephone: 709-646-2822
Fax: 709-646-5263
Grade Level: Grades 4-6
Number of Students
Project Start and
Finish Dates:
September, 1997 - June, 1998

  Project Overview

Recent research indicates that 70-80% of all students attending university are unable to write. We want to address this problem as early as possible. We know that in order to become a good writer, much practice is required. The use of the computer and STEM~Net will allow for this practice and, at the same time, promote interest and learning.

This project will allow students to develop computer keyboarding skills and critical thinking that will enable them to connect with young people all across our country.

Students will post their original writing. Our goal is to develop an appreciation for writing by motivating students to write and using writing as a tool to communicate.

Writer's intended participants are grades 4-6 students and possibly, grade 7 and 8 students. Reaching grade 6 classes from schools all across Canada is our main goal.

  Curriculum Connections

Social Studies:

Students will learn about Canada from participants on-line in some other areas (for example: Cultural, resource, population, language, first nations, etc.)


Story problems, statistics, evaluation, computations, etc.


Sharing pictures through STEM~Net.

  Learning Outcomes

  1. To promote an exchange of ideas and opinions among writers.
  2. To learn from the participants, their cultures and differences.
  3. Participants will learn how to edit each others work.
  4. Finished projects will be exchanged with others.

  Resource Connections

Writer's Network Activities:

  1. Students will post their materials to other students.
  2. Students will set up their own/school homepage.
  3. Students will prepare graphic images of material (this will allow students who maybe artistic, but not creative literally, a chance to excel).
  4. Students will provide a sample of Nfld. literature to other areas of Canada.

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