Project 3: "New Perspectives in the Development of the Micro-Computer"

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Chris Cooper

Howard Skinner

School: St. Joseph's High School
P.O. Box 400
St. George, NF
A0N 1Z0
Tel: (709) 647-3381
Fax: (709) 647-3723
Grade Level: Nine to Level III
Microcomputer 1100 Courses
Number of Students: 90
Project Start and Finish Dates: January 30 to April 30, 1998

  Project Overview

St. Joseph's High School presently offers Micro-computers 1100 courses to most students from grade nine to level III. It is the goal of these courses to enable students to become reasonably computer literate by the time they graduate from high school. To enhance this skill development student teams will browse the Internet seeking information on new and innovated developments in the micro-computer industry. They will be encouraged to use e-mail to contact various companies to obtain additional detail.

The student teams will compile the information obtained and prepare a comprehensive report on their research. The report format will include the following:

  • Name and Address of contacts made.
  • Company selected for in-depth investigation.
  • Innovative micro-computer product development(s) being produced by this company.
  • Application of development(s) for the personal computer.
  • Implications for the user of personal computers.

  Curriculum Connections

Language Arts:

  • Once the research has been completed the student teams will each produce a detailed report for dissemination to others in the class. The students will be expected to adhere to acceptable standards in the presentation and layout of their paper.


  • In some instances the student teams shall be required to perform basic statistical analyses on their research in order to prepare their reports. Where applicable, they will be encouraged to produce graphs to enhance their presentations.

Technology Education:

  • The Internet is proving to be the most up-to-date and complete source of information ever available to the public. However, it is essential that the user learn to separate the useful information form the nonsense. This research project is designed to assist the student in developing theses skills as part of the overall computer literacy plan. In addition, the student will learn about new and emerging communication systems, work efficiently in a variety of communications media, and learn useful information about the computer industry in general.


Student will develop proficiency with the computer as an information accessing tool and with the Internet as a source of up-to-date data on issues relevant to the computer industry.

The student will produce the results of their research in an acceptable format and present this report to other students in their class.


The development in the micro-computer industry are such that last month's technology is quickly dated and supplanted by newer developments. Keeping track of this fact-paced industry is virtually impossible through the print media while the radio and television media offer only sketchy reviews at best. By exploring company Websites on the Internet, the students will become informed of the latest developments and will acquire a better understanding of the direction in which home and school computing is heading. This understanding will translate into them being more aware of career opportunities in the computer technology field and where those opportunities may be pursued.

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