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  General Information

Lead Teacher:John Sooley
Address:St. James' Elementary
P.O. Box 1060
Channel - Port aux Basques, NF.
A0M 1C0
Grade Level:6
Number of Students:22
Project Start and Finish Dates:January, 1997 - May, 1997

  Project Overview

The class will be designing a Home Page to enter into the International Schools Cyberfair '97. The title of our entry will be Port aux Basques: Historical Attractions.

Port aux Basques is the gateway to Newfoundland. We would like to do up an entry on historical landmarks in the area, such as the recent archaeological find in Cape Ray where an extinct native population lived. We would also like to complete a report on the oldest granite lighthouse located in Rose Blanche. A marine navigational device, the Mushrow Astrolabe, one of two known to exist will be researched. Port aux Basques, historically home to the Basques fisherman, will be researched.

A Home Page enhancing these and other historical attractions will help to make Port aux Basques an interesting place to visit and explore.


  1. Students will learn about the Internet.

  2. Students will strengthen the relationship between their school and community.

  3. Students collaboration and writing skills will improve.

  4. Students will share their town's historical attractions with the rest of the world.

  5. Students will learn how to publish on the Web.

  6. Students will learn how to evaluate other Web Sites effectively. They will evaluate other sites as part of this learning process.

  Curriculum Connections

This project will fit into our Language Arts, Social Studies, and Computer Studies programs. The children will be given topics related to Port aux Basques to research as part of their Social Studies program. They will go out into the community to research and interview the appropriate resource personnel.

As part of their language program they will have to edit, revise, and prepare the paper or document for transfer into HTML. (Hyper Text Marking Language). Then the document will be uploaded and published on the Internet at the Global Schoolhouse Site in Oregon, as part of our Computer Studies program. The published work will be accessed by the world.

The intended learning outcomes of this project re Technology Education will be:

  1. An understanding of online communication and how it is used.

  2. How to publish on the Internet.

  3. Research, writing and communication skills will be developed.

  4. A growing awareness of their community.

  5. Strengthening the child's relationship between home, school and community.

  6. Collaborating with other students and teachers who are designing Home Pages on their area of interest.

  7. In the process, the students will come to an understanding of the technological terms used in computer programming and publishing on the information highway.

  8. Develop an understanding of video-conferencing and what it entails.

  Resource Connections

  1. The students will interview resource personnel in the community in the researching of their topics.

  2. The reports will be typed via computer keyboard into the HTML Editor.

  3. Through the use of our networked computer system, students will upload files to the main site.

  4. Pictures and related documents will be scanned using our flatbed scanner so that images can be included on finished product.

  5. Paint Shop Pro and L View will be used to enhance our images.

  6. Video-Conferencing will take place once home pages are complete. This will be done via the Connectix Video Ball which we hope to have installed by the end of our project.


One of the rules, as part of the learning process, is to evaluate five other home pages from various countries. By following the guidelines and evaluating other home pages, students will come to understand other cultures. They will link to other schools also. They will view and grade other students' home pages, thus reinforcing and enhancing the skills they have learned while creating their own.

This project will provide a valuable learning experience which will help the students interact and communicate in a technological world via the information highway.

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