Project 3: Chemistry 2202/3202 Enrichment Project

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  General Information

Lead Teacher: Paul Sutherland
School: Stephenville Integrated High School
40 Queen Street
Stephenville, NF
A2N 2V1
Grade Level: Levels I, II & III
Number of Students: 40
Project Start and Finish Dates: September 1, 1997 to June 20, 1998

  Project Overview

This project is designed to provide students with enrichment in the major topics studied in Chemistry 2202 and 3202. Additionally, this project will permit students to conduct individual research in specific areas which are of interest to the students. Students will be able to access current information as well as garner the major thrusts of ongoing research in chemistry. Students will be able to establish contact with other chemistry students, chemistry professors and chemistry researchers in order to exchange ideas and receive answers to their questions. Such contact will expose students to professional chemists and the work they do. Students will gain a greater appreciation for the science of chemistry and the role of technology in research.

  Curriculum Connections


  • Students will gain a greater knowledge of the basic laws and principles of chemistry.
  • Students will gain an appreciation for chemistry as a body of knowledge and as an area of active research.


  • Students will gain a greater understanding of the role of technology in chemistry research.
  • Students will experience learning via the utilization of the Internet.


  • Students will gain an appreciation for the impact of chemistry on society as well as an appreciation for the role of chemistry research in the search for solutions to society's problems.
  • Students will be exposed to a wide variety of careers in chemistry and related areas.

  Resource Connections

At present our students do not have access to the Internet for these purposes. This project will provide us with the opportunity to enrich the chemistry curriculum. Students will be encouraged to access resources at the West Viking College and the Sir Wilfred Grenfell College where chemistry courses are offered regularly.


Participating students will be required to complete an individual research project utilizing Internet resources and local resources. This project will be a component of the Students' summative evaluation.

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