Project 2: Ethics and Media Technology

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  General Information

Lead Teacher: Paul Pinsent
School: Stephenville Integrated High School
40 Queen Street
Stephenville, NF
A2N 2V1
Grade Level: Level II
Number of Students: 24
Project Start and Finish Dates: March 1, 1997 - June 15, 1997

  Project Overview

This project is designed to allow access to the Internet for the purpose of researching ethical issues in relation to media technology. The new Religion 2107/3107 course deals with this topic in "World views: The Challenge of Choice", Unit II, Chapter 5, "Media and Technology." The focus of the Internet access will also include developing a database that can be linked to the school home page which will contain information authored by the students and Internet links relating to the topic. It is hoped that students will also be able to communicate with other students via the Internet who are interested in the topic, or who are dealing with the topic in other Newfoundland schools.

  Curriculum Connection


  • Students will glean insight into the pervasiveness of ethics and morality in issues of everyday life activities such as work and leisure.
  • Students will come to an understanding of just how important ethics and/or morality can be in both religious and secular contexts.
  • Students will come to appreciate and practice proper etiquette in using the Internet.


  • Students will gain a greater understanding of the role of technology in the propagation of ideology and philosophy.
  • Students will acquire skills in the operation of the Internet, as well as the maintenance of home page items.

Language Arts

  • Students will learn the proper application of language within the environment of the Internet.

Social Studies:

  • Students will be exposed to an exciting array of opportunities to not only express their ideas, but also to access other people's ideas.
  • Students will gain appreciation for the impact of religious issues upon society and offer suggestions as to how our world can become a better place to live.

  Resource Connections

At present our school has 12 private work stations and hopefully will have a slip connection to the internet. Students will work in groups of two under direct supervision and direction.


Each group of students will be responsible for the following:

  • Compose a piece of writing related to ethics and morality in relation to media and technology (50%).
  • Put the writing in HTML format so it can be uploaded to our school's web site home page (50%).
  • This project will be worth 40% of the overall course grade.

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