Project 1: Internet Connectivity

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  General Information

Lead Teacher: Jim Penney
School: Stephenville Integrated High School
40 Queen Street
Stephenville, NF
A2N 2V1
Grade Level: Level III
Number of Students: 12
Project Start and Finish Dates: The 1997 - 98 School Year

  Project Overview

I propose to provide my Computer Technology 3200 students with Internet Access as a means to enrich their exposure to computer technological advantages. This will include WWW searches for computer resource information and programs, and E-mail and newsgroup connections to others in this field. It will also entail a Homepage Creation specific to the objectives of this course as stated below.


To provide structured exposure to another facet of the world of computers as well as teach searching and downloading facilities via the Internet. It will also allow an in-depth exposure to the HTML editing language currently in use on the WWW.


12 IBM 100 Mhz Pentium Computers.
One 33.6 Baud Modem.
Internet Access Software.
Hotdog Pro, Netscape and Internet Explorer Programs

  Curriculum Connection

Intended Learning Outcomes:

  • The production of an essay on the benefits and uses of the Internet.
  • A Homepage online and active.
  • Scanned images edited appropriately with a scanner.
  • An exchange of ideas and opinions within their own group and online groups via newsgroups and E-mail.

Intended Learning Objectives (specific to course):
(direct Course Description Quotes)

  • Data Retrieval and manipulation:
    e.g. Scanning
  • On-line Data Retrieval:
    Use of modem and communication software applications to interface with commercial bulletin boards and databases.
  • Other Programming Languages:
    HTML language for Homepage writing.


This will be based on:

  • Their project as presented in essay/research form.
  • Direct observation of their Internet use and skills.
  • Their information and/or software found and retrieved.
  • Their active online Homepage.


I feel this intended project is very typical and course specific as well as a great means of furthering many learning objectives and outcomes through the use of the STELLAR schools project which can be explored and continued each year with successive groups of students.

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