Project 2: French Connection

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  General Information

Lead Teachers:Norma-Jean Kuta and Bill Dunne
School:St. Stephen's High School
P.O. Box 5100
Stephenville, Newfoundland
A2N 3M6
Telephone: 709-643-9672
Fax: 709-643-5044
Grade Level:Senior High French Immersion Students
Project Start and Finish Dates: April - June 1997

  Project Overview

Students who are studying French need to avail of the myriad of French Resource Material that could be accessed through the Internet. They need to be aware that French is indeed a living language and it is not isolated to the artificial setting of a classroom.


  • To allow students to access French magazines, newspapers, and other current research materials.

  • To promote a further awareness of the Francophone culture of Newfoundland, Canada and the world.

  • To establish communication via written( and hopefully audio) correspondence to further practise their knowledge of their second language.

  • To familiarize students with the certain aspects of computer technology needed to access the Internet.
  Technology Education

  • to develop an understanding of the technology and terminology required to use E-mail.

  • to develop the ability to access more French reading material of varying interests.

  • to develop an understanding of the technology and the vocabulary required to surf the Internet.

  • to develop research techniques that pertain to the Internet.

  • to use the Internet to develop new strategies to further their access to research.
  Curriculum Connections


By corresponding to PENPALS from a french milieu, the students will practice both their reading and writing skills (grammar, structure, vocabulary, etc.). This positive stimulus would heighten interest and respect for their target language and promote tolerance for different cultures.

Reading For Pleasure
Students will access more French reading material of varying interests.


Students need to be able to analyze real-life case scenarios for these courses to see their relevance to today's society. They need a hands-on approach to make these courses more meaningful.


Problems Mondiaux
Current Events are crucial to these courses. Without up-to-date information on world issues, these courses cannot survive. Students need to see that they are learning about real events that are being covered by real newspapers. Students need to judge the opinions of others concerning world events that can impact on their lives.

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