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  General Information

Lead Teacher:Bill Dunne
School:St. Stephen's High School
P.O. Box 5100
Stephenville, Newfoundland
A2N 3M6
Telephone: 709-643-9672
Fax: 709-643-5044
Grade Level:Level II
Project Start and Finish Dates: March 1997 to June 1997

  Project Overview

Forty students at St. Stephenville High School are currently involved in various research projects as part of the course requirements for Language 2101. The students are doing research on Gun Control as it applies to the new legislation introduced in the House of Commons. The students are researching the various reactions from different parts of the country. The students are also searching for information on the Gun Control Laws that are currently in place in other countries. The purpose of this research is to compare the reaction to the Gun Control Legislation across Canada and the restrictions placed on gun ownership in Canada with that of other countries.


  • For the remainder of this academic year, as students in Language 2101 prepare to write a final report, they will be provided with additional resource materials from which to investigate their topic of study.

  • The project will provide for skill development in critical thinking as students are challenged to analyze and critique the material they access.

  • As in all research-based courses students will be challenged to consider the source of accessed information and develop an awareness of how the source's motivation affects his/her perspective.

  • Students will be challenged to consider and recognize bias in this very controversial topic.

  • After they have been exposed to the varying points of view, the students will be challenged to develop their own position paper and organize their thoughts based on logic and facts.

  • Students will use word-processing programs to prepare their final report.

  • The project will serve as the spring board for Internet research-based projects in language courses for the coming school year.
  Curriculum Connections

Language 2101

Social Studies

  Technology Education

  • to develop an understanding of the technology and the vocabulary required to surf the Internet.

  • to develop an understanding of online research and its limitations on the Internet.

  • to identify the advantages and disadvantages of Internet Research as opposed to research using CD-ROM.

  • to develop research techniques that pertain to the Internet.

  • to use the Internet to develop new strategies to further their access to research.

  Resource Connections

The forty students currently use the Learning Resource Centre's 16 computers equipped with various CD-ROM databases (Globe and Mail, Maclean's CD etc.) to do research on and type up their assignments. The purchase of a fileserver and networking software is underway so that each of the 16 computers in the Learning Resources Centre will have Internet access once STELLAR Schools Status has been achieved.


  • The students will incorporate their online research findings into their research papers.

  • Their research papers must include analysis and critiques of the materials accessed through the Internet.

  • The students will develop their own position paper after they have been exposed to the different points of view expressed in the various articles obtained from the Internet.

  • The students will list the research strategies they developed while using the Internet and they will share these strategies with their fellow classmates.

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