Project 1: "Irish Connection"

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Melvina Sheppard
School: St. Stephen's Elementary
P.O. Box 5300
Stephenville, NF
A2N 3M8
Tel: (709) 643-2927
Fax: (709) 643-6120
Grade Level: 4
Number of Students: 24
Project Start and Finish Dates: ASAP to June 19, 1998

  Project Overview

Grade four student Cameron Dohaney has recently moved to Ireland, where he will live until the end of the school year. Since he will be returning to this school for Grade Five in September, his parents did not want to put him in a completely different system for part of a year. His mother wanted to teach him at home so he would be doing similar work to that of the rest of his class. We have provided Chris's mother with all the teacher materials and Ms. Sheppard spent quite a bit of time going over the objectives of the Grade Four program with Mrs. Dohaney.

Ms. Sheppard is going to post sheets, test, assignments on a home page so that Cameron can read and or print them. Cameron will submit work to Ms. Sheppard via e-mail, and she will send corrections back to him. The class will also correspond with Cameron and exchange pictures, writing, and information.

  Curriculum Connections

Cameron will do all subjects through email and the Internet. Cameron and the rest of the students will get quite a bit of experience using computers, email, the Internet, the digital camera, and the scanner. There will writing exchanged between all students, and they plan to exchange information about Ireland and current events in Newfoundland. They will have to compute the time differences between the two places, and will have a better understanding of the distances and geographical locations involved.

  Resource Connections

There is a computer in the classroom which the teacher can use for communication with Cameron. However, becoming a Stellar School will allow the whole class to go on-line at once. A Computer Studies student from Compu-College will give technical instruction and assistance to the teacher and the class regarding maintaining the home page, using the scanner and camera, sending attachments, and so on. Cameron will receive technical support from his father who is in Ireland completing a Master's degree multimedia technology.

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