Project 3: "Searching For Santa"

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Jill Benoit
School: St. Anne's Elementary
P.O. Box 7, Site 4
Flat Bay, NF.
Tele: (709) 647-3593
Fax: (709) 647-3593
Grade Level: Kindergarten
Number of Students: 9
Project Start and Finish Dates: December 1 to December 19, 1998

  Project Overview

Due to the postal strike, our class has decided to write Santa via the Internet. Children will develop an awareness of the computer and the concept of Internet access. The main focus will be on writing the letters and receiving feedback. Children will develop invaluable language and skills, such as, printing, sounding out letters, Language development, discussion development, and vocabulary building.

  Curriculum Connections

Main Curriculum Areas

  • Language Arts
  • Arts
  • Science, technology, and computers.

School Curriculum Areas

  • Thematic Approach to teaching the theme Christmas. Topic Lesson Plan, is Letters to Santa.
  • Student centered instruction through learning centers.
  • An approach to individual learning styles will be used.
  • Attempt to integrate technology using our newly formed computer room. The computer will be used for typing letters, and Internet access through the staffroom computer for the present time.

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO's):

Students will:

  • Engage in oral communications.
  • Follow simple direction.
  • Tell a simple story in proper sequence.
  • Know that letters are put together to make words.
  • Recognize some print.
  • Read simple books independently.
  • Match letters to sound.
  • Attempt to communicate through print.
  • Match items one-to-one.
  • Read and print numerals to 10.
  • Use the terms longer, shorter, wider, thicker and taller.

  Resource Connections

  • Even though we have completed this project, the Stellar Schools Internet Connection will enhance future "Searching for Santa" projects. We used the staffroom computer to send out letters.
  • This process (lesson plan) will take 2-3 weeks. If we had Stellar School statis and 3 computers hooked up, which is our goal, the process would have been quicker.
  • Opportunity to access current information on Santa Claus.
  • Opportunity to write Santa and receive letters.

Other Resources:

  • Information Books on Santa and Christmas.
  • Videos.
  • CD ROM encyclopedia information.


  • Anecdotal Notes.
  • Letter recognition.
  • Checklists.
  • Observation.
  • Work Samples.

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