Project 1: "Communicating on the Net"

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): John Hogan
School: Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary
P.O box 70
Laurdes, NF
A0N 1R0
Tel: (709) 642-5822
Fax: (709) 642-5442
Grade Level: Level II and III
Number of Students: 18
Project Start and Finish Dates: Feb 1 to April 1, 1998

  Project Overview

The intent of this project is to allow students to become familiar with and use the various forms of communication available on the Internet.

We are presently in the Information Age and the methods of information transfer through out the world are constantly changing. It is the intent of this project to have students participate in these methods of information transfer. Students will participate in activities such as e-mail, news groups, downloading form web sites, searches,and the creation of a school home page.

It is the intent to have students communicate with students from various schools. In this process they can access help or be helpful to other students across the curriculum.

  Curriculum Connections

Main Curriculum Areas:

  • Communication Technology 2104 and 3104 - Students will become familiar with using the various on-line resources of the Internet. This would include such things as e-mail, uploading, downloading, ftp, creation of home pages, and the World Wide Web.
  • Language 2101 - Using the resources that are available online, students will be able to access the latest information and statistics on a specific topic.

School Curriculum Plans:

This project addresses a major concerned expresses in recent years. This concern relates to the students of Our Lady of Lourdes High School not being exposed to a Broad Base Education because of the size and the location of the school. Communication on the Internet will allow the students to step outside the the boundaries of their small school and explore the modern forms of communication. It is also the intent that students will be able to visit Post Secondary Sites on the WWW with out having the expense of traveling.

Communication Technology Outcomes:

  • Students should logon to and performs a range of network functions.
  • Students will logon to a LAN and run software, open and close files, create and share files.

Technology Education Objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of the technological principles applied in current and emerging. Communication methods, devices and systems.
  • To understand the nature of online communications and its limitations.
  • Use communication technology to collaborate with students, teachers and other groups at a distance to gather information.

  Resource Connections

  1. The Stellar Schools Connection would prove to be an invaluable tool in fulfilling several of the ILO's of Communication Technology 2104 and 3104. Many of these ILO's make direct reference to the Internet and presently our lab only has one connection. having only one connection to the Internet places many demands on students and staff and in some cases results in restrictions in its use.
  2. A wide variety of software and hardware will be used in the completion of this project. These would include such things as:
  • Netscape Navigator
  • Eudora
  • Windows NT
  • Satellite Access


  • Students will become familiar with and use various forms of communications on the Internet.
  • Students will become more familiar with and use the various types of software used in gaining access to the Internet.

General Impact:

This project will provide many students with their first exposure to the Internet. It is hoped that these students will become comfortable enough with the Internet that they can become resource people for other students as well as staff members.

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