Project 3: Comm Tech Access

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  General Information

Lead Teachers:Keith Fagan

David Antle

Address:LeGallais Memorial
P.O. Box 170
Isle aux Morts, NF.
A0M 1J0
Grade Level:Level I
Number of Students:13
Project Start and Finish Dates:March 17, 1997 - June 6, 1997

  Project Overview

In compliance with the Communications Technology 2104 course, students will login to Stem~Net and perform a range of advanced network functions. During class time students will perform various low level activities such as: uploading and downloading files; using email with attachments through the use of Eudora; perform gopher searches; use Netscape to perform searches, add delete and edit bookmarks; collaborate with another student/group on a simple project; and create and post simple HTML documents which include gifs and links to other documents to the school's homepage.

Before students' work can be uploaded to the Internet, it must first be evaluated by their teacher who would in turn give the permission to perform the upload. Some of the documents to be uploaded will come from other classes. Presently the Cultural Heritage class is compiling a report on cultural and historical happenings in their hometown. This report is to be included on the school's homepage. The Communication Technology students through this project will be responsible to prepare and upload the report to the school's homepage. Student's online time will be closely monitored in class by the class teacher.

  Curriculum Connections

Main Curriculum Areas?

This project directly address three curriculum areas:

  1. Communications Technology
  2. Social Studies
School Curriculum Plans?

This project fits in quite well with the goals set forth by the school improvement process at LeGallais Memorial. One of our goals this year is to increase the integration of computers into the curriculum. This project obviously contributes to the attainment of that goal.

Provincial Curriculum Objectives

Specific Curriculum Outcome 7 of the Communications Technology 2104 course deals directly with students demonstrating skill at completing network tasks which require the use of communications network systems, particularly Stem~Net (susie)

Technology Education Objectives

Two of the ILO's for Communications at the High School level are to:

  • "incorporate advanced representation techniques in developing and communicating design ideas;"

  • ""Develop proficiency with a variety of communications technologies and tools;.

    Both of these Intended Learning Outcomes are directly addressed by this project as it is proposed.

  Resource Connections

How Will Stellar Schools Internet Connection Help?

The Stellar Schools Internet connection would enable the entire Communications Technology class to access the internet at the same time. This will enable each student to complete their work effectively and efficiently.

Other Resources?

Beside the internet connection, students will be responsible for using various programs that are necessary for the creation of HTML documents. The students will be using an HTML Editor, a scanner, software for modifying .gif and .jpg files, FTP for windows, Netscape, Eudora, Telnet and Trumpet Winsock .


Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will learn how to create homepages.
  2. Students will learn how to communicate with other people using email.
  3. Students will learn to use the various software associated with the Internet and the World Wide Web.

For most students this will be their first experience with the Internet and the Web. This will account for the greatest initial impact. Undoubtedly students will be motivated by the technology. Through this project students will gain valuable knowledge about the internet. As a result of such a project, students will be ale to incorporate the internet and the World Wide Web into their other courses. This will broaden their resource base of information.

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