Project 3- The Seal Hunt

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Ms. Alane Munden
School: Grandy's River Collegiate
Burnt Islands
Grade Level: ?
Number of Students: ?
Project Start and Finish Dates: April 25
May 25,1998

  Project Overview

Students were asked to search the Internet for a particular article on the controversial topic like AThe Seal Hunt". The teacher gave detailed instructions in a handout on how to find the particular source. Once the article was found, students were asked to print the 2 page article and read its contents. Then they were asked to complete two independent searches. The task was to find one article which supported the continuation of a seal hunt and another article supporting the band of the seal hunt. Once the three articles were obtained, students were asked to type up a report stating their opinion on the above topic and back up their views using information found in the three articles.
Another search was completed on the question "Am I part of the problem or part of the solution? (environmentally) Students were asked to carry. out an independent search looking for one article that showed a company or group that contributed to the problem of our present environmental state of the earth and another article that showed a company or group that was trying to find solutions to our present environmental problems. Then they were asked to write a report on how they classified themselves as being either part of the solution or part of the problem. Each student was asked to write one action they completed that would be categorized as helpful or harmful to the environment.

  Curriculum Connections

None stated

  Resource Connections

Software used:
WordPerfect - report write-up
Netscape - searching for articles


Skills Learned:
  1. How to search the Internet (independently)
  2. Analyzing information from opposite views of an issue
  3. How to make a "careful decision" based on information gathered instead of a impulsive, habit, or non-decision.
  4. Prepare a report based on information obtained.

Teacher's Comments: Scheduling was a major set back in this project. Students complained about the fact that no class time was given to complete the search. Therefore, this should be addressed, before future projects are established. This would also allow the teacher to give quality instruction and feedback instantaneously. Overall, I personally think the students benefitted greatly from this project. Familiarizing themselves with this type of access, has been a positive experience for many. Obtaining different opinions on controversial issues has also been an enlightening and important exercise for these students. It was a worthwhile project!

  Project Summary

Summaries will be added as they become available.

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