Project 3: "Using the Internet as a Research Instrument"

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Joanne Hatfield
School: Belanger Memorial School
Doyles, NF
A0N 1J0
Tel: (709) 995-2940
Fax: (709) 995-2920
Grade Level: Level II
Number of Students: 21
Project Start and Finish Dates: February 7 to March 15, 1998

  Project Overview

Language 2101, offered to the Level II students of Belanger Memorial, has its focus on research and research papers. At present, the research resources available to students is limited, as the various budget restrains placed on schools has made it difficult to keep up to date materials accessible to students enrolled in Language 2101. Available links to the Internet would elevate many of the difficulties faced by students when trying to research varying topics. Not only would an Internet link allow for research skill development, it would also provide the students with a concrete opportunity to expand and promote their investigation skilled as they explore the many forms of information made available by the Internet.

  Curriculum Connections

Language 2101:

Upon approval, students will have access to many resources on the Internet related to their various topics of research. This ability to obtain research reflects curriculum outcomes of this course:

Students will:

  • Be able to research any topic of their choice, whether it be literary, social, historical, scientific etc., this current information will enable them to write research papers.
  • Be using e-mail, students will contact informed people, using theses people as resources.
  • Be encouraged to use the Internet to search various educational web sites for samples of other research papers in order to enhance their own writing skills.

Technology Education:

Students Will:

  • Become familiar with the terminology associated with varying communications.
  • Develop skills in the use of the Internet and e-mail.
  • Cultivate an expertise by using technology to build new knowledge from existing knowledge.


The information downloaded by students from the Internet will be used to supplement the school's Resource Center vertical files. This will enhance the resource material available in the school and provide attainable sources to many students who do not have an Internet Access.

  Resource Connections

This will be the first access to the Internet for any of the students in this course. As this course focuses on research, it is essential that students have access to the most valuable and important instruments available today for research and information. Without such as resource, the research topics for this course become very narrow. Such a limited base for research would supply the widely be seen as irrelevant to the modern world. With the rapid pace of development in he technological field, an Internet connection would provide that much needed link to the vast supply of resource material required to properly research a topic in today's changing world.

Other Resources:

  • 17 computer workstations feeding off a single server Windows NT/Windows 95 platform.
  • Various word processing, graphic design. and spreadsheet programs.
  • Books, videos, vertical files in the school Resource Center.
  • Interview sources the community.


  • Students will access the Internet correctly.
  • Students will demonstrate appropriate learning outcomes.
  • I will consider the number of sources as well as the validity of these sources in the evaluation of research papers submitted for this course.

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