Project 2: "Learning About Environmental Issues,
Development and Human Rights Issues"

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Charlie MacPherson
School: Belanger Memorial School
Doyles, NF.
A0N 1J0
Tel: (709) 995-2940
Fax: (709) 995-2920
Grade Level: Grade 12, Global Issues
Number of Students: 20
Project Start and Finish Dates: Jan 15 to Feb 12

  Project Overview

This project provides students with the opportunity to focus on one specific region of the world for comprehensive study in the areas of the environment, economic development and human rights. Each group will then report back to the class at large and to other groups, such as, Social Studies V111, and Environmental studies, etc. with the intend of creating an awareness of how these areas are interrelated. This should provide students with the opportunity to develop understandings of the challenges facing nations and regions with the focus on proposing possible solutions to the crisis' that face the globe. It should create an awareness that global cooperation is essential to the long term health of the planet.

  Curriculum Connections

This project will allow students to access varied sources from around the world with the objective of providing critical analysis of the issues presented. The access to sources from other countries should provide a more balanced view of the causes of problems, the designation of blame and the optional of proposed solutions.

Students Will:

  • Access web sites to gather information form various papers and journals that may not represent western views.
  • Use the computer to gather information about economic development, environmental issues and the status of human rights. in various regions of the world.
  • Evaluate source and information gathered.
  • Access the use of technology in cresting global awareness of issues.
  • Access the use of technology in the development of strategies to address global issues.
  • Use electronic mail to contact other students involved in similar courses for the purpose of sharing information and developing strategies.
  • Students will prepare an oral report for class and present a written report based on sources gathered. This report will be made available as a resource area for future classes.

Other Resources

  • MacLean's Magazine, Time Globe and Mail, Western Star, CBC and NTV news.
  • The Global Community
  • World Issues
  • World Prospects
  • World Atlas
  • Giai Atlas
  • Earth Matters
  • Ammesty Internal Binder
  • World Issues Binder

Student Outcomes

Students Will:

  • Be able to categorize events under the headings, politics, economics, Human Rights Issues, Environmental Issues.
  • Identify the Canadian Reaction to events.
  • Analyze the events and discuss their global impacts.
  • Maintain a weekly journal of events.
  • Develop a use for the Internet.
  • Develop a use e-mail.
  • Develop a working command of the vocabulary associated with communication technology via the computer and Internet.
  • Demonstrate a use of the Internet and computer for the purpose of researching, collecting and presenting information in the areas outlines.


Students will be evaluated based upon the sources assessed, information gathered, analysis and synthesis of the information and the conclusions reached and solutions suggested:

  • The students will be evacuated on the quality of the presentation 20% to be determined based on the demonstration use of the technology made available.

  • Evaluation will reflect the language fluency and creative presentation of the information and conclusions reached.

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