Project 2: The World of Business

General Information
Time Frame
Program Goals

  General Information

Lead Teacher:Darryl Kelley

Designed by Darryl Kelly, this project proposal will attempt to involve grade nine students in using the Internet to research Canadian Companies. The Internet would allow the students to communicate with executives of Canadian Companies so as to establish role models. Students will have exposure to the market system and use the Internet to research and invest in a stock market simulation game. Service providers can provide graphing and real time quotes for selected companies. This will help young students develop an investment culture which is critical to the economic well being of our Province.

  Time Frame

The school already has established a modular course in enterprise education. This is a forty hour course providing a general overview of economics, and the Canadian economic system, the market system, money and banking, financial statements, the role of consumers and career explorations. This stellar schools project would greatly enhance the experiences of the students because the class would have access to the Internet. It is hoped that this can be provided sometime in term II which begins January 21, 1996.

  Program Goals

  1. To broaden student horizons about the investment community.
  2. To provide students with possible career choices in the business world.
  3. To develop research skills using the Internet.
  4. To allow students exposure to the language in which business is conducted.
  5. To allow students to have practical hands-on experiences with written materials, including graphs, charts, and displays.
  6. To allow students opportunities to think critically, solve problems, and make decisions.
  7. To allow students to use technology, instruments, tools and information systems effectively.
  8. Allow students to access and apply specialized knowledge from the business world.
  9. To develop skills to continue to learn for life.

This project can be integrated into other subject areas, including mathematics, language arts and social studies. It will also provide students with exposure to the skills required for the Canadian work force including academics skills, personal management skills, and teamwork.

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