Project 3: "Exploring Chinese Culture"

General Information
Project Overview

  General Information

Lead Teachers: Gordon Casey - Computer Resource Person

Charlie Mercer

Jennifer Bursey-Foo

School:St. Peter's Academy
General Delivery
Benoit's Cove, Nf. A0L 1A0
Grade Level:Grade 6
Number of Students30
Project Start and Finish Dates:Feb/97 - May/97

  Project Overview

Students will compare traditions and customs of the Chinese New Year with a Nfld. Xmas through communicating via computer with students in a Grade 6 Singapore class.


  1. Students will be able to demonstrate use of E mail as a form of communication.
  2. Students will develop an appreciation of differences in another culture.
  3. Students will have the opportunity to use computer software like Eudora, Microsoft Exchange, and Student Writing Center to compose, edit and illustrate assignments.
  4. To allow teachers to use the technology of computers in developing classroom units.


This unit would be highly motivational to the students to allow their peers in another country and to foster friendship with other Asian students.

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