Project 2: The Writer's Network

General Information
Project Overview

  General Information

Lead Teachers: Gerri Drake - Grade 8 & 9 Language Arts Teacher

Gordon Casey - Computer Resource Person

School:St. Peter's Academy
General Delivery
Benoit's Cove, Nf.  A0L 1A0
Grade Level:Grade 8 & 9
Number of StudentsInitially the project will include one class of 36 students in grade nine. As the project develops a grade eight class of 29 students wi ll become involved and if possible, the grade seven class (26 students) could be introduced to the project as well.
Project Start and Finish Dates:The target date to begin this project is right after Christmas Break - Jan.97'. The finish date is difficult to determine b ecause hopefully this will be an ongoing project, with the finishing date in June of each school year.

  Project Overview

Because the Writer's Network has been up and running successfully in other schools, our school will be following the guidelines and objectives that have been set down by previous participants.

In our beginning stage, we wish to introduce our students to the importance of such a Network and let them have some hands-on experience with computer-enhanced learning.


The objectives we will be attempting to accomplish have been outlined as part of the Writer's Network general objectives:

In classrooms, the Writer's Network will provide the opportunity to:

  • Develop critical and creative thinking as well as technological skills.
  • Add motivational interest to academic work.
  • Provide feedback and reinforcement throughout the writing process.
  • Integrate computers into everyday learning activities as an effective tool for teaching writing.

Through access to specialized STEM-NET news groups, the Writer's Network facilitates.

  • The development of a provincial network of good writers.
  • The sharing of knowledge, skills and experience by students throughout the province.
  • The co-creation of writing by parties truly interested in the process.
  • The opportunity for teachers to access, contribute and share ideas about writing.


We are anticipating with great enthusiasm the beginning of this project. Our students will be gaining computer skills as well as improving their potential as young writers. This project will allow the junior high students to experience a new approach to the curriculum in our ever- changing society.

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