Project 1: Project Groundhog

  General Information

Lead Teachers: Gord Casey

Mrs. Mary Piercey

Grade Level: Grade 3
Number of Students Twenty-Five
Project Start and Finish Dates: Begin Early Feb. - 97' and Finish Early April - 97'

  Project Overview

This will be the 2nd year for St. Peter's Academy participating in Project Groundhog at the primary (Gr. 3) level. This project has been running through Stemnet for the past three years. Students are given an opportunity to:

  • Browse the WWW to search for relevant information and web sites;
  • Learn and use E-mail;
  • Become familiar with the many components/terminology of the Internet;
  • Provides opportunity to use the Internet as a learning tool;
  • Finally, this project ties in very well with the Learner Outcomes of the Language Arts program at the grade three level.

This project was a great success last year, both at the local and provincial levels. 17 schools in total participated.

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