Project 3: Internet As A Primary Source For Research

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Bonnie Wheeler
School: St. James All-Grade
P.O. Box 100
Lark Harbour, NF
A0L 1H0
Grade Level: Level II
Number of Students: 20 - 30
Project Start and Finish Dates: February 1998 - June 1998

  Project Overview

The aim is to use the Internet as a primary source for the research course, Language 2101. This course allows students to do individual projects. There are times when the traditional areas of information for students do not contain adequate information for topics of a specialized nature. The wide array of sites on the Internet should alleviate some of this difficulty. It will also be valuable as another source of research material for the more common topics.


  1. To create within the student an awareness that the Internet is as valuable a tool for research and is as easily accessible as their school library.
  2. To familiarize students with the procedures that are necessary to use the Internet efficiently such as databases and search engines.
  3. To be selective with the huge amount of material received from a database search.
  4. To learn how to use e-mail when needed.

  Curriculum Connections

A primary aim of Language 2101 is to develop within the student the ability to do research independently with just a minimum amount of guidance from the teacher. Using the Internet will develop this independence since a teacher cannot stand by each student every time he/she uses the Internet. To help ensure that students restrict their in-school use of the Internet to appropriate material, the department will develop an "Acceptable Use Policy".

Research is an integral ingredient of other school courses in this age of resource-based learning. Knowledge of the Internet developed in this course will be transferable to research projects required in other courses.

The student must become very comfortable with this technology if he/she is going to use it efficiently. Such a level of comfort is desirable in the present work place.

  Resource Connections

There is limited access to the Internet in St. James All-Grade at present. This project will enhance the opportunity for students to experience this new technology.


  1. It will be a requirement that at least one of the sources used to write the research paper will come from the Internet.
  2. Students will demonstrate a working knowledge of the Internet.
  3. Students will use this knowledge to do research projects in other courses.
  4. Appropriate references will be made to the Internet source within the content of the student's final paper. These references will follow the standard format for a bibliography which contains a website address.

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