Project 2: Aviation

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): John Thorne - Learning Resources Teacher

Sheila Jones - Grade Six Classroom Teacher

John Dennison - Special Needs Teacher

School: St. James All-Grade
P.O. Box 100
Lark Harbour, NF
A0L 1H0
Grade Level: Grade 6
Number of Students: There is one grade six class participating in this project, with a student population of 23 students.
Project Start and Finish Dates: This project will take approximately four weeks to complete. The start date is scheduled for middle of March and runs until April.

  Project Overview

In the implementation of this project the students will be actively involved in using a variety of resources (print, non-print and human resources) to gain an understanding of major events in the history of aviation, the different methods of flight, in particular, space technology and how flight has changed our lives.

The students at St. James will access the Internet for research purposes including sites such as NASA and Roberta Bondar's web page.

  Curriculum Connections

St. James All-Grade has been actively involved in delivering a curriculum which promotes the philosophy of resource-based learning. This unit for our Grade Six students fits into this type of curriculum initiative. One of the intents of this program is to help students increase their power over the language processes of reading, writing, speaking and listening as they use and produce language, providing them with the keys to the knowledge, experience, and pleasure that control of language makes possible.

This project involves our Language Arts curriculum and areas of Technology Education.

  Learning Outcomes

Language Arts:

The student will:

  • identify major events in the history of aviation.
  • know what aviation is.
  • discover how and when interest in aviation first started.
  • explore how human curiosity has contributed to improved technology.
  • investigate different methods of flight.
  • investigate space travel and living in space.
  • determine how aviation has changed our lives.

These objectives tie into the Provincial Language Arts curriculum goals some of which include:

  • interpret, select and combine information using a variety of strategies, resources and technology.
  • select, read and view with understanding, a range of texts whether oral, written or visual.
  • use technology in the writing process.

In this project the student will be addressing some of the General Curriculum outcomes for Technology Education. They will be investigating the role of information and communication technology in society.

  Resource Connections

The STELLAR Schools Internet connections is critical to the success of this project. Our students will be going online to access different sites related to this topic. This kind of learning is more meaningful, current and motivational for children.

Many other resources will be used in this project. The children will be accessing print (books and magazines) and non-print resources including electronic searches.


Process Skills

  • have an understanding of the Internet and Internet services.
  • ability to log on.
  • ability to search the Internet and link with various web sites for information and resources.
  • ability to download information to a printer or disk.

Content Objectives

The content objectives previously listed will be used to evaluate student achievement. The children will be evaluated on such things as their ability to work together, to follow directions, and their research abilities using different media especially information technology, and their involvement in the writing process. Rough drafts and final drafts of projects as well as oral presentation will be evaluated. This will be accomplished through formal and informal evaluation procedures including teacher observations and anecdotal reports.

We believe that this project will demonstrate to the teachers at this school the exciting possibilities that the Internet has to offer in the area of Curriculum delivery. It will expose students to the wonderful possibilities of information technology. This project will demonstrate to parents, teachers and students that learning can take place outside the four walls of the classroom and two covers of a book.

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