Project 1:

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Sandy Pennell - Principal/Grade3-6 Teacher

Sheila Jones - Grade 5/6 Teacher

Ann Darrigan - Grade 3/4 Teacher

Beverly Noble - Grade 2/3 Teacher

School: St. James All-Grade
P.O. Box 100
Lark Harbour, NF
A0L 1H0
Grade Level: 4
Number of Students: Approximately 75
Project Start and Finish Dates: January - June 1998
  Project Overview

Each individual classroom teacher will be working with the Learning Resources teacher in a computer lab. The computer lab consists of twenty computers which almost provides a one to one ratio of students to computers. Each teacher has chosen specific curriculum areas in which to conduct individual/class projects.

In our Grade 4 Social Studies we not only study our own community, Lark Harbour, but also other communities in other parts of Canada and the World.

We study:

  • Nain, Labrador
  • Edmonton, Alberta
  • A Rainforest Village in Zaire, Africa
  • A Desert in Saudi Arabia
  • A Fjord Village in Norway
  • A Grassland Farm, Australia
  • A River Plain Village, India
  • A Polder city, The Netherlands

As we "visit" these communities all over the world I hope that my students will develop a respect for and an appreciation for various cultures.

Through the Internet I hope to link my students to an elementary school in each area that we visit this year. Hopefully the Internet will help my students:

  • discover various cultures
  • realize the cost of such necessities as: food, clothing, shelter, electricity, gasoline and transportation
  • compare the cost of these necessities in the various communities
  • note where the different communities are located and realize that location affects climate
  • realize how the cultures are changing and infer what the future has in store for the people that live there

The Internet will also allow us to share information about Lark Harbour with the people that live in communities all over the world (if they request it.)

My students are very anxious to learn via the Internet!

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