Project 3: MATH~Net: Mathematics and
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  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): James Hughes

Paul Hewson

School: Pasadena Academy
P.O. Box 130
Pasadena, NF
A0L 1K0
Tel: (709) 686-5091
Grade Level: Level III (other grade levels in subsequent years)
Number of Students: 50
Project Start and Finish Dates: Sept. 30 - May 30, 1998

  Project Overview

The students will create an interactive database of math problems and solutions that students can access on the World Wide Web. Students can work through the problems and check them against the detailed solutions online. Someone accessing the database would select a Math 3200 unit, choose a problem, work it out, ask for hints, and check their results against the online solution.

  Curriculum Connections

  • Curriculum Connections. This project would be a joint partnership of Math 3200 students, and Desktop Publishing/Technology Education students.
  • Overall Curriculum Plans. At Pasadena Academy, we envision technology becoming more and more an integral part of the curriculum - a tool rather than an end in itself. Projects like this one allow students to use their technological skills to further their mathematics and communications skills. It will also expose them to the Internet as a learning tool. As we emphasize the importance of life long learning in our schools, we can't overlook the fact that the most up to date information will, in the future, be communicated less by print and more by media such as the Internet.
  • Learning Outcomes. The students who create this resource will:
    • learn to reason mathematically
    • learn to communicate mathematically
    • gain confidence in their ability to do mathematics
    • gain knowledge of equation editors
    • gain knowledge of HTML
    • learn to use the Internet as a resource
    • learn to present information in a pleasing, rational format
    • learn the principles behind page layout and design

  Resource Connections

STELLAR Schools will give us the means to host the database as well as give students access to the database online. It will allow them to use the Internet to research issues relating to the construction of the database (such as HTML, JavaScript coding, CGI scripting, image formats, math issues, etc.) It will allow them to connect with other math classes across the province for information and feedback. It will also simplify the creation and maintenance of the database itself, as it will be updated frequently, and eventually, expanded to cover other math courses/grade levels.

Some other resources that will be used for the project are: our computer network, WordPerfect or Ami Pro (for equation editors), Math texts, the school scanner.


The students will:

  • Solve math problems appropriate to the unit of study.
  • Present the solutions in a detailed, easy to understand format.
  • Evaluate other people's solutions.
  • Use an equation editor to present the solutions.
  • Create the HTML code for the pages in the site.
  • Use JavaScript and/or CGI scripts to create an interactive site.
  • Maintain and update the database.
  • Make contact with other math students/teachers online for information and feedback.

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